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This article is about available templates. For policy regarding templates, see RuneScape:Template policy.

Templates are used to duplicate the same content across more than one page. Changing a template in one place will immediately propagate the changes to all the pages that use it.

This page lists templates of this wiki. You can even create a template, just as long as you are sure it will be used on many pages or will benefit the wiki in some way, and that you or another editor can document it well. For more information on templates, check out Wikipedia's template page or Wikimedia's template page.

A list of all RuneScape Wiki templates is available at All pages (Template namespace). For a list of templates, see this page. Unused templates can be found at Special:Unusedtemplates.

To insert a template into a page, type {{TemplateName}} (this is known as a tag) somewhere on the page, whether it be at the top or at the bottom or in a certain section. Every page with that tag in it will display the template text. TemplateName is the name after the colon symbol, e.g. the TemplateName for Template:Cleanup is Cleanup, so typing {{Cleanup}} will add that tag to a page.

Article namespace


Template Use Where to put it
{{cleanup|Reason}} Article needs attention for various reasons Top
{{Incomplete|Reason}} Article missing vital information Top
{{Inuse}} You are currently working on major changes to this article Top
{{NPOV}} Article is presented in a biased voice Top
{{Obsolete|Reason}} Article is outdated Top
{{Stub}} The article only contains basic information and there is unknown vital information to add Bottom
{{Sectstub}} Same as above, but for a specific section Underneath the header of the section
{{Construction}} The article is undergoing major changes, but not necessarily in progress Top
{{NeedPic}} Article is in need of pictures (outside of the infoboxes) Top
{{Too big}} Article contains too much extraneous code or prose Top
{{Disputed}} Article with factual information that is contested Top
{{Restricted title|reason}} Page title is different from in game name due to technical limitations; see Category:Pages with technically restricted titles Bottom

Related articles

Template Use Where to put it
{{Main|article}} Section has a relevant article Section header
{{HasStrategy}} Article has a relevant strategy subpage Top
{{Hasdialogue}} Article has a transcript of dialogue Relevant section
{{HasCalculator}} Article has a relevant calculator Top
{{HasMMG}} Article has a relevant money making guide Top
{{Has quick guide}} Article has a step-by-step version Top

List creation

Template Use
Drop tables; see RuneScape:Style guide/Drops tables
{{Dropping monsters list}} List of dropping monsters
List of available shops
{{Store locations list}} Shop stocks
{{Alphabetical header}} Create a formatted A–Z table of contents
{{top}} Link to return to top of the article

Inline templates

Template Use
{{fact}} Statements needs a reliable source cited
{{Nameupdate}} Statement needs update links for time reference
{{sic}} An error exists from the original source
{{AnchorText}} Give the text an id attribute for direct linking
{{GEP|item}} Fetches GEMW price for item; unformatted
{{GEPrice|item}} Fetches GEMW price for item; formatted with commas
{{(m)}} Specific to members; limit to lists and tables
{{purge}} Add a link to refresh a page cache
{{section link}} Link to a section of another article


Template Use
{{FloorNumber}} Format floor numbers
{{clear}} Clear space after floating elements
{{!}} Display or use pipes without reinterpreting at a higher level
{{kg}} Display weight properly
{{nbsp}} Intentional non-breaking spaces
{{=}} Literal "=" to avoid interpretation as syntax
{{*}} Inserts a bold bullet
{{RSFont}} Use the in-game font (currently MuseoSans)
{{Nowrap}} Keeps text on a single line
{{Fairycode}} Format fairy ring codes
{{Coins}} Format coin amounts with an image and colour
{{Key press}} Format keyboard strokes
{{gifresize}} Re-size animations properly
{{UD}} Link to update articles

Disambiguation and redirection

Template Use Where to put it
{{Otheruses|description|other|link}} Other uses of the term Top
{{redirect|Location}} Article is main use of a term, links to disambiguation Top
{{redirect3|Location|Misc}} Article is main use of a term, link to custom articles Top
{{Confuse|page}} Similarly named articles that might cause confusion Top
{{WP|Article}} Linking to a Wikipedia article inline Inline; best limited to trivia; only use for distinct and unique terms
{{External|rsc|os|wp}} Article has a version on the RuneScape Classic Wiki, Old School RuneScape Wiki, and/or Wikipedia Top


Template Use
{{Infobox Bonuses}} Equipable items
{{Infobox Item}} Any item
{{Infobox Monster new}} Attackable NPCs
{{Infobox non-player character}} Non-attackable NPCs
{{Quest details}} Quest information
{{Weapon group}} Similarly classes weapons
{{Infobox prayer}} Prayers and curses
{{Infobox City}} Cities, towns, and other settlements
{{Infobox familiar}} Summoning familiars
{{Infobox shop}} Stores and markets
{{Infobox spell}} Magic spells
{{Infobox recipe}} Potions, cooking items
{{Disassemble}} Items that can be disassembled


Template Use Where to put it
{{Disambig}} See RuneScape:Disambiguation Bottom
{{Deleted content}} Content completely removed from the game Top
{{Discontinued content}} Content that still exists but is no longer obtainable Top
{{Recurring content}} Content that was once accessible, and can be made accessible again Top
{{Disputed}} Article with factual information that is contested Top
{{Future}} Unreleased content; see RuneScape:Future content Top
{{Current}} Article is undergoing constant change due to dynamic or constantly changing nature Top
{{Historical article}} Subject no longer exists (either entirely or in this form) Top
{{Dialogue}} Article is a dialogue page Top


Template Use Where to put it
{{D|Reason}} Article needs immediate deletion (use for spam or player articles) Top
{{Rfd}} Creating a deletion request Top
{{Rfm|Other article}} Creating a merge request Top
{{Rfs|Other article}} Creating a split request Top

Talk: namespace

{{Previous rfd}}
{{Archive list}}

Template: namespace

Template Use
{{Navbox}} Main navbox creating template
{{Quest navbox}} Quest navbox creating template
{{plink|Item}} Image and text both linking to an item
{{chatl|NPC}} Image and text both linking to an NPC
{{Iconlink|subject with an icon}} Image and text both linking to the subject
{{QuestIcon}} Image (icon) and text both linking to a quest
{{ctg}} List of categories for a navbox
{{Template only}} Used for category exclusively for templates
{{Mainonly}} Include content only when on namespace; mostly for categories
{{!}} Use pipe characters (|) without them being interpreted at a higher level
{{Documentation}} Used on /doc pages; see RuneScape:Template policy#Documentation
{{Invokes}} Place on /doc pages of templates that use Lua; see RuneScape:Lua
{{=}} Literal "=" to avoid interpretation as syntax
{{*}} Inserts a bold bullet
{{PreloadPage}} Put on templates that have a preload available

File: namespace

Template Use
{{JPG}} jpeg files of in game content
{{Bestiary image}} Images taken from the RuneScape Bestiary
{{Trans}} Images that need background removed
{{Working on Trans|~~~~~}} Use when working on a file's transparency
{{Transl}} Images that need background removed from translucent subjects
{{Historical image|Reason}} Images that can't be retaken
{{Retake image|reason}} Catch all for retaking images
{{Retake animation|reason}} Animations that need retaking
{{Retake audio|reason}} Audio files that need retaking


{{Inventory license}}
{{Detailed item license}}
{{Worn equipment license}}
{{Chathead license}}
{{Monster license}}
{{NPC license}}

User: namespace

Many different userboxes are available for placement on a user's page. See RuneScape:Userboxes for a listing.

{{User stats}}
{{User Pic stats}}
{{POH room}}
{{World times}}
{{Max cape colours}}

User talk: namespace

Template Use
{{Archive list}} List of previous discussion archives
{{Archive}} Archived page (not required)


Note that all of these templates should be substituted with subst:.

Welcoming and policy

Template Use
{{Subst:Welcome}} New users; please note this is mostly automated
{{Subst:Welcome IP}} Helpful unregistered users
{{Subst:DDD}} Removal of discussion; see RuneScape:Don't delete discussions
{{Subst:Pdda}} Information about players or clans added to articles; see RuneScape:Biographies of living persons
{{Subst:RDT}} User added redundant information; see rare drop table
{{Subst:Britspell}} User made changes from British English to any other spelling variant; see RS:STYLE#SPELLING
{{Subst:Britfloor}} User made changes from British floor numbers to any other variant; see RS:FLOOR
{{Subst:Deu}} User made changes to another user's page without permission; see RuneScape:Don't edit userpages
{{Subst:Duplicate}} User uploaded a duplicate image
{{subst:2007 warning}} User added information specific to Old School RuneScape
{{Subst:Imgname}} User uploaded a file with a non-compliant name
{{subst:NoPP}} User uploaded a personal-use file; see RS:NOT#HOST

Disruption and vandalism notices

Template Use
{{Subst:No Vandal}} Warning to not vandalise
{{Subst:Warn1}} Warning for small test edits
{{Subst:Warn2}} Warning for minor or first time intentional disruption
{{Subst:Warn3}} Final warning for disruptive editing
{{Subst:Gemw1}} Good-faithed test or mistake on GEMW pages
{{Subst:Gemw2}} Intentional disruption on GEMW pages
{{Subst:Pov1}} User inserted biased information; minor, first time, good-faithed
{{Subst:Pov2}} User inserted biased information; repetitive, disruptive
{{Subst:Error1}} User inserted incorrect information; good-faithed, first time
{{Subst:Error2}} User inserted incorrect information; repetitive, disruptive
{{Subst:3RR}} User is disruptively undoing changes; see RuneScape:Three-revert rule
{{Subst:Ownership}} User is taking credit for edits or information directly in an article; see RuneScape:Ownership
{{Subst:Charm log 1}} User submitted incorrect or improbable charm log data; good-faithed, first time
{{Subst:Charm log 2}} User submitted incorrect or improbable charm log data; repetitive, disruptive
{{subst:NoFanon}} User made changes based on personal headcanon or speculation; see RS:NOT#CRYSTAL
{{Subst:UTP}} User is disrespectful or insulting; see RuneScape:Civility

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