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Autumn Wikifest 2010

The time now is 00:52 (UTC). The Eastern Autumn Wikifest '10 is over!

Notice - This branch of the Wikifest is intended for those users between the +3 and +12 Timezones (that being Asia and Oceania) that cannot make the time of the Western wikifest, although all users are welcome to either or both if they wish to do so. See Forum:Western Autumn Wikifest '10 for more details on the Western wikifest.

Please be sure to read the whole time table before attending the event. We need to make sure that everyone knows what's going on. Thank you for your cooperation.
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
12:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
1:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
2:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
3:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
8:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
9:00 am
Sun, 29 Aug
7:00 pm
Sun, 29 Aug
Date/Time Info
  • Clan Chat - Autumnfest10
Note that the clan chat will be muted and unmuted throughout the fest for announcements. Please keep an eye on the fest clan chat in order to receive announcements.
  • World - 141
Event Times
Event Time (UTC) Details
Meet 'n' Greet/Costume Contest 8:00-8:20

Everyone will arrive at the Wilderness Ditch at Edgeville. Participants will line up on the ditch in single file in order for the Costume Judges to review them. Winners will be announced from there. Winner: Wristwatch2

Hide and Seek 8:20-8:40 The Fest Moderators will not entertain any request to hide. The people asked to hide beforehand (only one of which will be hiding at any given time) will hide anywhere in the game, so long as the area is safe and accessible for all levels. We will cycle through a few hiders, starting with one after the last has been found. Please make sure you have a cabbage ring or are able to teleport to Lumbridge during this event.

Hiders: Pharos, Evil1888

Cabbage patch raid 8:40-8:55 A favorite event of ours, we will storm the Falador cabbage patch and attain all the cabbage we can. If you happen to be a distance away from the patch during this event, find means of teleporting if you are able to (Explorer's ring 3), or walk.
Grand Exchange bombing 8:55-9:05 The Grand Exchange will be attacked by wikians and showered with cabbages.
Fist of Guthix 9:05-9:40 We will walk to the Fist of Guthix area, before entering the arena, and having a couple of games.
Hunt and Seek 9:40-9:55 We will then walk to the Clan Wars area. The group will enter the FFA (Safe) Portal, and a designated hider will hide first. The rest of the group will search for the hider once he is done hiding. The hider will then be found and killed.

Hiders: Pharos, Evil1888

Clan-warring 9:55-10:45 Clan-warring with other clans in the area.
Group photo-taking 10:45-11:00 This is a new event. Basically, we will take a group photo together to mark the end of the Wikifest, before bidding our farewells. We will head to the Bounty Hunter crater/Wilderness Volcano from the Clan Wars area and Degenret01 will give the signal for players to start gathering around him, and the effect will be that we will have a large mass of players in the picture, and this will conclude the Wikifest.
Burn the GE 11:00-11:10 Members will hop to world 28 for another new event. We will set as many fires as possible in the wiki colors of blue and white, and then ring the GE form the archways and set oragami aflame also in the colors of blue and white.
Fest Roles
Co-planners Calebchiam
Fest Moderators Chessmaster (Costume Contest Judge)
Degenret01 (Costume Contest Judge)
Costume Contest


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