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RuneScape: The Official Handbook
RuneScape - The Official Handbook.png
Author Tracey West
Release Date September 2006
Publisher Scholastic
Cost $6.99
Pages 96
ISBN 978-0-439-87772-5

RuneScape: The Official Handbook is a book written by Tracey West. This, along with the three novels (Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and Legacy of Blood) written by T. S. Church, are currently the only printed RuneScape sources endorsed by Jagex. The book covers most of the free-to-play parts of RuneScape, and also gives tips for newer players.

Since the book was printed in 2006, it does not reflect the updates since then, and as such has outdated information and graphics, such as the Party Room being shown in its former location in Seers' Village.

Trivia and errors

  • An image of Paul Gower's character can be found on page 47 in the image for The Restless Ghost.
  • All units of measurement in the bestiary are in Imperial units (pounds and feet) despite Jagex being based in the United Kingdom and using the Metric system in the game itself. There is also no official source for any of these measurements, and many of them seem to have been arbitrarily chosen; e.g. a six-foot tall giant spider.
    • The standard spider is listed as weighing 20 pounds.
    • The Al-Kharid guards are listed as weighing a mere 70 pounds. Men are given a more reasonable weight of 175 pounds.
  • On the cover, the globe seen on the desk depicts Europe with bits of Asia and northern Africa, rather than Gielinor.
  • On page 17, the book says that level 5 Woodcutting is needed to cut oak trees, rather than 15 Woodcutting.
  • On page 19, the book says there is no cost when sea bait fishing. One bait per fish is actually required.
  • On page 29, next to where it says "Hatchet", a bronze halberd is incorrectly shown.
  • On page 31, runecrafting altars are referred to as temples.
  • On page 33, the book says that level 13 Runecrafting is needed to craft fire runes, rather than 14 Runecrafting.
  • On page 39, a picture of a mithril hatchet is shown where it lists a bronze hatchet.
  • On page 52, the book says to have a pair of shears for the Vampire Slayer quest, which was repeated from the Sheep Shearer quest. Shears are not needed in the quest.
  • On page 54, where the profile of a bandit is shown, its combat level is shown as "level 21", although it was level 22 at the time.
  • On page 60, at the part where it describes a giant spider, it said "You'll find them hanging out in the Lumbridge Castle basement, and in sewers and houses." There are none down in the basement.
  • On page 67, a scorpion's combat level was depicted at 12, although it was level 14 at the time.