10th anniversary cake detail

The 10th anniversary cake.

RuneScape's 10th Anniversary party was held on the 4 January 2011. It was a party celebrating the first ten years of RuneScape, which was mostly done though player-hosted parties.

If a player hosted their own party to celebrate the 10th Anniversary party, sometimes a Jagex Moderator would join the party to get the spirit for RuneScape's 10th Anniversary thriving. During the time a Jagex Moderator was at party, they would usually set up a 10th Anniversary Chest. This was used by Jagex Moderators to set up a special around the world drop party.

Once the drop party was started, balloons would scatter all over the ground like in the Falador Party Room. In the balloons would be items such as 10th anniversary candles and 10th anniversary cakes. When you put 10 candles onto the cake and lit it, you would unlock a limited edition 'Celebrate' emote on the cake. If for some reason you lose/destroy the 10th Anniversary Cake (in its completed form) you can obtain another one by speaking to Diango in Draynor Village.

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