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RuneScape Brazilian is the Brazilian Portuguese localisation of RuneScape, released by Jagex on 24 July 2009.[1]

Due to Brazilian laws, alcoholic beverages in-game have had their names changed, a common occurrence during video game localization. For example, the item Beer has been renamed Garapa, a sugarcane juice.

Previously, all Brazilian servers had been stated as located in Brazil[2]; however, when a traceroute was performed the final destination was found to be located within the U.S. state of Florida.

Brazilian Portuguese game servers

RuneScape Brazilian hosts four servers for Brazilian Portuguese players to access:

Server P2P icon.png Members only LootShare
47 Yes No
75 Yes Yes
94 No Yes
101 Yes (Legacy Only) Yes

Issues with game servers

The Brazilian servers have had a history of malfunctioning since their launch:

  • Before the February 2016 Double XP Weekend most Brazilian players had issues logging in, having to connect to foreign servers to participate in the events.[3]
  • Server 47 has suffered from several cases of poor performance in the past, including exceptionally high server pings, exceeding 2,000 ms.


  • Due to the distance to the server, many Brazilian players have complained about the lag. On average, both Portuguese and Brazilian players reportedly have a ping over 200ms for these worlds.[4]

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