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The RuneScape Forums

The RuneScape Forums (also known as the RuneScape Official Forums, or RSOF) are a part of the RuneScape website that allows players to communicate with each other. All members as well as free-to-play with a total level of 350 or above can post on the forums.[1]

The forums are bound by their own set of rules, called the Code of Conduct, which "details exactly what is and is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex Forums"[2].



  • My Profile is a link to the forum profile of the active account, which holds links to the threads where you have posted. It also offers an option to disable smileys.
  • Search Users is a link to a page where you can look up Forum profiles of other forum users.
  • Search Threads links to the search feature of the RuneScape forums
  • Jump to thread: Enter a Quick Find Code in the text field and press Go to visit the relevant thread.



For a complete list of forums, see RuneScape Forum Directory.

The RuneScape forums are large. In 2013 the total percentage of players using the forums in comparison to active accounts was 7%. This small list provide links to the commonly used forum sections:
General forum icon General - For any RuneScape topic not covered by the other forums
Suggestions forum icon New Game Content - Suggestions - Tell us what you would like to see in-game
Recent Game Updates forum icon Recent Game Updates - Discuss the latest content additions and changes to the game
Future Game Updates forum icon Future Game Updates - Discuss suspected and known future RS content
Item Discussion forum icon Item Discussion - Discuss items and prices - No trading here!
Quests forum icon Quests - Discuss quests and swap hints here - No spoilers though!
Teamwork forum icon Teamwork - Team up with other players for activities


Each forum section can hold up to 50 pages of threads, at 20 threads per page for a total of 1000 threads. A thread can be created using the "New thread" link. After a thread is created, the author can bump one of their threads every 10 minutes, using the "Bump" link at each of their own thread.



Composing and previewing a message

Each thread which is not locked contains a "Reply" link. Clicking on the link directs you to a page, from where you can compose a new reply. Each reply can hold a maximum of 2000 characters, including up to 5 smileys.

Before posting a reply, it's possible to preview your text using the "Preview" button.

It's possible to edit your own posts using the "Edit" link at each of your own forum posts.
Mod Stevew hinting quote option for players

Mod Stevew hinting on the quote feature for players

Previously, quoting and formatting abilities were features that were exclusive to Jagex Moderators. As of March 2013, these features became available to all forum users. 


Players are able to upload images into the forums via Imgur, an image-sharing website. This feature was released on 21 July 2016.


Players are entitled to a signature that appears on every post they make in the forums. It has a maximum of 300 characters.

Search threads


The search page with Advanced Options

The Search feature allows you to search for a thread at the RuneScape forum through the titles.

It is possible to adjust your search options at the "Advanced search options". E.g. to limit the search query to a specific forum section.

Jump to thread and Quick Find Code

Each thread is identified by a Quick Find Code (QFC), which is mentioned at the bottom of each thread. A QFC consists of digits, separated by a few hyphens, e.g.: 19-20-142-61773047

Almost every page at the forum contains a white textbox at the right upper corner of the page. Paste the Quick Find Code inside that box and click at the "Go" button to visit the thread.

Locked, sticky, moved, and hidden threads

Forum highlight function

The forum highlighting function

The RuneScape forum is looked after by Forum and Jagex Moderators (otherwise known as FMods and JMods). They have the ability to move, lock and hide threads. They can also change the title of the thread. Jagex and Forum moderators also have the ability to give a thread the Sticky status, which pins a thread at the top of a forum board. Jagex Moderator can also change the contents of any players post, whereas Forum Moderators cannot.

Normal forum users can report accidents by pressing the 'highlight' button below a user's post in a thread, then selecting the category of the offence. For less important issues, such as a title change request, players can use the Forum Help thread.

Forum errors

Sometimes during maintenance, or because your browser can't reach the server, an error message may appear saying: "The Forums are temporary unavailable. The forums should be online again in 5 to 10 minutes." This can usually be fixed by reloading or refreshing the page.

Specialist Forums

The Specialist Forums consist of several specialized, hidden forums with restricted access. They are visible only to players who have been granted access and are logged into the RuneScape website. There are five types of specialist forums:

  • Clan Leader (CLF)
  • High Level Forums (HLF)
  • Fansite Staff
  • VIP Video Program
  • VIP Members
Specialist Forums

Most specialist forums

High Level Forums

Players who have level 99 in all skills can request access to the high level forums (HLF), in which only they can read and write. In these forums, restrictions on links and images are lifted, so that the maxed players are able to communicate freely with each other and Jagex staff.

There are maxed-player versions of the General, Feedback, and Off-topic forums. There used to be a section for recent updates, but this was removed.

In order to gain access to the high level forums, a player must post in the High Level Forums - Get Access thread in the Community Home section - with their title set to "Maxed" or "The Completionist". Their post will be hidden after a Jagex Mod verifies whether the player has the required levels and grants them access to the forums. Once a player gains access to the High Level Forums, they will retain it even if they don't reach level 99 in future skills when they are released.

Clan Leader Forums

The clan leader forums (CLF) are accessible only to leaders of RuneScape clans which have at least 50 members and have existed for a minimum of six months. Two representatives per clan may be have access to the CLF at any one time.

In order to gain access to the clan leader forums, a player must post in the Clan Leader Forum Access thread in the Clan Discussion section. Their post will be hidden if a Jagex Mod verifies that the player's clan meets all of the access requirements and grants the two representatives access to the CLF. Players who leave their clan or whose clan disbands will retain their access to the CLF. However, a clan leader may request on the access thread that a new representative replace the other representative from their clan. This will result in the other representative having their access to the CLF revoked.

Fansite Staff Forum

The Fansite Staff Forum is accessible only to administrators and administrator approved members of Jagex approved fansites (bronze tier and above). There is no set limit to the number of representatives that can access the Fansite Staff Forum.

VIP Video Program

The VIP Video Program forum is accessible to players who livestream RuneScape through Twitch or Youtube and email their details about their channel on either platform to Jagex. It was previously known as Video Club in 2013.



Spam has become a constant problem in the RuneScape forums, most notably in the Suggestions and Rants forums.

Compliments forum

The Compliments forum has also been the subject of some criticism, even by members of Jagex staff. The reasons for this vary depending on the status of the user, but generally focus on posters rarely producing anything helpful for Jagex or the community. Some members of Jagex have also stated the content of this forum is distasteful for the same reason. It was removed in 2008 but it returned in 2009. Since then, the same problems have in many ways resurfaced, and many players are pushing for Compliments and Rants to be removed[source needed].

On 16 June 2011, it was announced that the Rants forum would be removed, and the Compliments forum would stay. This led to severe ranting and spamming of the Compliments forum.

Rants forum

A thread requested for the Rants forum to be merged with the Compliments forum to create a Game Feedback forum (the reason being that both the Compliments and Rants forums were for feedback, but both were filled with spam). This was achieved when Jagex finally removed the Rants and Compliments forum in 2008 and replaced it with the Game Feedback forum.

In 2009, Mod MMG announced the re-opening of the rants forum. Upon mass amounts of spam, Jagex converted the rants forum into a sticky-only forum where people would post their issues on already existing threads. This was once again reverted and the rants forum was returned to being a forum where players could create their own threads.

On 15 August 2010, Mod Mark H made a sticky in the Rants forum to try and stop spam and/or trolling, and later Mod Chrisso replaced it with another sticky which elaborated on the rules. Even though it hasn't completely stopped spam, trolling, or flaming, players believe that it has been somewhat effective.

On 16 June 2011, it was announced that the Rants forum would be removed within three days. This led to many upset players spamming the compliments forum, ending in many forum bans and/or mutes. The community of rants joined together in game, starting in Mudskipper Point, then Varrock, then finally Draynor Village, and rioted about Jagex's action.

On 3 November 2011, the Rants forum returned as a "hidden" forum. This means that it is only viewable by people that are eligible to post on the forums (350 total level or membership) and is invisible to everyone else.

Post count badges

As of 30 April 2015, players can be rated with ranks and badges based off of their total forum postcount. The badges can be seen from a dropdown by placing your mouse just under the player's name. The badges are cosmetic and do not unlock increased benefits or features.

Total count Name Badge
1 Bronze Bronze forum badge
50 Iron Iron forum badge
200 Silver Silver forum badge
500 Steel Steel forum badge
750 Gold Gold forum badge
1,000 Mithril Mithril forum badge
2,500 Adamant Adamant forum badge
5,000 Rune Rune forum badge
10,000 Opal Opal forum badge
25,000 Sapphire Sapphire forum badge
50,000 Emerald Emerald forum badge
100,000 Ruby Ruby forum badge
250,000 Diamond Diamond forum badge
500,000 Dragonstone Dragonstone forum badge
1,000,000 Onyx Onyx forum badge
2,500,000 Hydrix Hydrix forum badge


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  2. ^ Code of Conduct. RuneScape Forums. Jagex. "The Jagex Forum Code of Conduct details exactly what is and is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex Forums."*

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