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The RuneScape homepage showed General Graardor flying the flag of France when the French version was released.

RuneScape France is the French version of RuneScape, in which all game content is translated into French. This version of RuneScape was announced on 1 December 2008 and released on 10 December 2008, though it was not announced to have been released until 11 December 2008.[1]. Jagex had announced on 1 December that it would be released some time that month[2].

It allows players who speak French to interact with the game and other players more easily, and is useful to residents of France and other French-speaking parts of the world, as well as people who may be learning the language and wish to practice.

French game servers

RuneScape France server list

There are two servers in RuneScape France.

Server Members?


55 No Yes
118 Yes Yes

RuneScape France originally had worlds 63, 128, 150, and 163, though 63 and 163 were no longer available as of 13 December 2008. World 128 became World 55 and World 150 became World 118.

Spelling or grammar mistakes

No major spelling or grammar translations mistakes have been brought to Jagex's attention. Some people have been able to bypass the chat filter of some of the words in English RuneScape in the French Worlds.


The tree spirit random event attacked without any affect by Defence. This random event was removed on 25 February 2009.

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