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RuneScape Germany is the German version of RuneScape, in which all game content is translated into German. This version of RuneScape was released on 14 February 2007, and marked the first international language for a Jagex game.

It allows players who speak German to interact with the game and other players more easily, and is useful to residents of Germany and other German-speaking parts of the world, as well as people who may be learning the language and wish to practice.

Prior to ClusterFlutterer, RuneScape Germany had 6 worlds, which were subsequently removed. These worlds had an increase in popularity, owing to the majority of macro programs being restricted to only work in English.

The three remaining worlds are reflective of the current player base who have German as their primary language, or are hoping to train unhindered. Unfortunately, before bots were nuked, it looked like that more people spoke English than German in these worlds, to have a play in a server without macros - this has now changed.

German game servers

RuneScape Germany server list

There are three servers in RuneScape Germany. These servers are located in Germany and the U.K.

Server P2P icon.png Members only


102 Yes Yes
121 Yes No
122 No Yes

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