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This article is about the 2014 journal. For the 2015 one, see RuneScape Road Trip journal (2015).

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The RuneScape Road Trip journal is an item given by Challenge Mistress Fara during the RuneScape Road Trip event that was active throughout May 2014. The journal contains a list of tasks that can be completed at the rate of one task per day, unless a JMod stamps the journal or provides the player with a chit so that an extra task can be finished daily.

For the 2014 event, the journal contained the Mayhem Tasks, which rewarded the player with a RuneScape Road Trip lamp for each one completed, a piece of the Hiker outfit for every five challenges completed, and the Cheeky monkey and a skilling override animation when all tasks had been completed.

Within the journal there were two pages, one for 'Tasks' and one for 'Rewards'. There were 20 different tasks on the Journal that lasted for the month, and completing those allowed players to gain rewards from the 'Rewards' tab. Any task listed on the journal could be Set Active in order to initiate progress, giving the following text on the journal: "This is your active task".

Furthermore, Jagex Moderators were able to stamp players' Journals (also referred to as the Passport) by selecting one of your tasks and selecting JMod Support. After doing so, the following text was seen on the journal: "A Jmod can help with this task". If you are able to find a Jagex Moderator, they will stamp your journal for you and this will complete your JMod Support selected task. Using the JMod Support with a Jagex Moderator stamping your journal gave the message: Thanks to Mod [name], you've completed your selected RuneScape Road Trip task!


  • Finishing a task in the wilderness, in the Dungeoneering task, or with a full inventory will not allow the lamp to appear in your inventory and instead give the message: You have been given a reward lamp, but you cannot collect it now.
    It can be recovered from Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe.
  • Its appearance is the same as the reward book.