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14 Pentember, Year 5, Sixth Age
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Are you going to train Farming and Herblore to level 120?

The poll was created at 21:08 on November 14, 2019, and so far 985 people voted.
Results of the previous poll

Which Heart of Gielinor (God Wars Dungeon 2) boss fight is your favourite? (1,704 votes)

I don't participate in Heart of Gielinor bossing — 28.2%; 480 votes
Vindicta — 22.2%; 379 votes
Twin Furies — 11.7%; 200 votes
Telos, the Warden — 10.2%; 173 votes
Helwyr — 9.4%; 161 votes
I don't have a favourite — 9.2%; 156 votes
Gregorovic — 9.1%; 155 votes
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Harmony island
Harmony Island
A tranquil Saradominist islet in the Eastern Sea, with only minor zombie pirate invasions.

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