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Did you enjoy the Fight Pits event on September 24th, and would you like to do it again? Please leave a comment below to explain your reasoning.

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How did you hear about this event?

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This was shades of Trouble Brewing to me... Always a few people out there to try and ruin things, but yet again, the community prevailed. Last week, a ton of people dedicated themselves to anti-sabotaging, which helped a ton in Trouble Brewing... This week, virtually everyone committed themselves to stopping trolls who tried to extend the game as long as they could. Generally, the event was a success and most attendees seemed to enjoy the game, we held out for around 2-3 hours and eventually ended when two trolls decided to call in numerous friends to take the fun factor away. We just left at that point, since the numbers had become so few anyway, and I'ld like to thank everyone who came :D Broav pet Rhys Talk Completionist cape 23:43, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

It was a good, solid, fun event, and I wouldn't mind repeating it again in future. The few trolls were shut down swiftly, and the rest of the wikians ensured it was a pleasant night for everyone. A big shout out to the ET, they're doing a great job. Wink Ronan Talk 15:29, September 25, 2011 (UTC)