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A screenshot of the RT7 engine

RuneTek is the game engine used for RuneScape. The latest version, RuneTek 7, was first released as a beta preview on 24 May 2013.


Andrew Gower, Mod Chris E and four other Jagex staff have finished RuneTek 5.

In a developers' blog, Mod Chris E says that these improvements have been inspired from another Jagex product called MechScape, which has been renamed and reworked into an entirely new game titled Stellar Dawn.

The impetus for some of these improvements has come from the development of "Mechscape", and RuneScape is now able to benefit from these too.

Development is still continuing; another member of the Game Engine team has just commenced work on the DirectX RT5 implementation, and we have several awesome features in the pipeline.

For a variety of reasons, this RT5 update also finally allows us to fix the long-standing mis-click bug in the Grand Exchange (unwanted walking/friend adding, etc), along with any number of smaller long-standing issues.


It has been stated in a Q&A with Andrew Gower on 3 September 2009 that this update has made RuneScape that much closer to becoming a console game.

Darkdeeje asks: In the last Q&A I think you confirmed that RuneScape will be ported to consoles in the near future. Any news on that?

Andrew: We are currently focusing on making the 3D engine more platform independent, so it is easier to port in the future. Our new 3D engine, RuneTek 5 (RT5), has been heavily rewritten to make this possible.


On the 22 December 2010, Jagex released a new trailer for RuneScape, showing a whole new level of graphics. Later, on RuneScape's Swedish Facebook, Mod Valkyrie posted about the new trailer and it was confirmed that the trailer was made using a new game engine that is currently being worked on.

RuneScape Svenska Ny trailer för RuneScape. Allt är "filmat" i spelet, en ny update är på gång. :)

Translation: New trailer for RuneScape. Everything is "shot" in the game, a new update is on the way. :)

— RuneScape Svenska@Facebook[3]

Later, in the comments, in the same post, Mod Valkyrie answered a question stating this:

RuneScape Svenska Trailern visar ett smakprov på den nya spelmotorn som vi arbetar på just nu. :) Det kommer ta ganska länge innan den är klar, men den som väntar på något gott...!

Translation: The trailer shows a sample of the new game engine that we are working on right now. :) It is going to take pretty long time before it's finished, but he who waits for something good...!

— RuneScape Svenska@Facebook[3]


RuneTek version Date Revision no. Major milestone
RuneTek 1 1998–2000 N/A DeviousMUD
RuneTek 2 2000–2003[notes 1] 1-194[notes 2] RuneScape Classic
RuneTek 3 2003–2007[notes 3] 194-502 RuneScape 2
RuneTek 4 2007–2009 503-554 RuneScape HD
RuneTek 5 2009–2013 555+ Massive engine re-write[notes 4]
RuneTek 6 2011-2013 Transformers Universe
RuneTek 7 2013-present Runescape HTML5
  1. ^ While the RuneTek 2 engine is no longer used by RuneScape 3, it is still used by RuneScape Classic.
  2. ^ As of 2016, RuneScape Classic is at version 234. The version was forked for RS2, so there are some RS2 clients with the same version number as an RSC client.
  3. ^ While the RuneTek 3 engine is no longer used by RuneScape 3, it is still used by Old School RuneScape.
  4. ^ This update brought RuneScape SD and HD into a single engine.



  • On the RuneTek 5 images, one can see a blurred out spot which is the Objective system arrow. This image was released before the Objective system update. The text in the chatbox reads: "A starting arrow has been added to your world map", indicative of the existence of the Objective system during the release of this blog.
  • The updated log out button was also visible in these screenshots before Runetek 5's release.


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