This article is about the pure essence container. For the rune body armour, see rune platebody.
For the Treasure Hunter promotion, see Dragon Chests.
Rune chest
Temporal chest
Release date 28 November 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Rune Memories
Location Wizards' Tower, 2nd3rd floor[UK]
Examine This chest contains the archmage's personal supply of rune essence.

The rune chest is an interactive scenery object located on the 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the Wizards' Tower - just east of Archmage Sedridor.

After completion of Rune Memories, pure essence can be retrieved from the chest, either noted or unnoted. The amount of essence received depends on the player's Runecrafting level:

  • Each level, 5 times that level in essence is added to the chest
    • E.g. upon reaching level 70, 350 essence is added to the chest
  • A total of $ 2.5\times level \times (level + 1) $ essence can be taken
    • E.g. at level 70, a total of 12,425 essence is available
    • The overall maximum is 24,750 essence once level 99 is reached
  • There is no detriment or benefit from waiting to take essence from the chest - the total amount received is always the same

Obtaining all essence from this chest unlocks the Stealing Sedridor's Stones achievement and is a requirement for the Master quest cape.

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