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The runecrafting staff, also known as talisman staff, is an item sold in the Runecrafting Guild by Wizard Elriss for 10,000 Runecrafting guild tokens or with 330 thaler from Stanley Limelight's store. It can be combined with a talisman to create a talisman staff. This can be done by using the staff and talisman on the corresponding runecrafting altar. Alternatively the staff may be combined with an omni-talisman if a player talks to Wizard Korvak with the staff and omni-talisman in their inventory.

Talisman staves may be used to access the particular runecrafting altar that they represent. They can also be used to distract the eyes in the Abyss to help you sneak past. Other alternatives such as the omni-tiara and wicked hood have the same effect; with the same amount of tokens, players can get 200 Water talismans instead which are worth 2,528 each, they would earn around 505,600 coins. It should be noted, however, that a talisman staff allows a player to reap the benefits of a full set of master runecrafter robes without using an extra inventory slot on a talisman or similar items.

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