Cosmic altar teleport detail

Runecrafting teleport tablets are untradeable, single-use Magic tablets. They can be bought from Wizard Elriss in the Runecrafting Guild for varying amounts of Runecrafting guild tokens. To earn these tokens the player must have level 50 Runecrafting to enter the guild and play The Great Orb Project minigame located there. Unlike regular magic tablets, Runecrafting teleport tablets cannot be made on a lectern in the study room of a player-owned house.

Breaking a teleport transports the user outside the corresponding Runecrafting altar, or to the Runecrafting Guild in the case of the Runecrafting guild teleport tablet. Though level 50 Runecrafting is required to buy these teleports, they are like the other teleport tablets in that they can be used by players of any Magic level. However, players must have completed relevant quests to use certain teleports. A talisman, tiara, talisman staff, or a suitably imbued wicked hood is still needed to enter the altar after teleporting. No runecrafting teleport tablet can be used past Level 20 Wilderness.

Since the introduction of the wicked hood with its daily free teleport feature, the use of these tablets has declined significantly. However due to the members only status of the wicked hood the free to play tablets can still prove useful to non-members.

Types of tablets

Name Tokens Members Notes
Air altar teleport Air altar teleport 30 No Varrock, the Grand Exchange, Gertrude's house, Barbarian Village
Mind altar teleport Mind altar teleport 32 No Goblin Village, Dwarven Mine; the closest free-to-play teleport to the Wilderness
Water altar teleport Water altar teleport 34 No West Lumbridge swamp mining site, access to Zanaris through shack
Earth altar teleport Earth altar teleport 36 No Odd Old Man, Sawmill or accessing ancient curses in the Digsite Dungeon
Fire altar teleport Fire altar teleport 37 No Duel Arena, Al Kharid Mine, Mage Training Arena
Body altar teleport Body altar teleport 38 No Dwarven Mine, Edgeville, Edgeville Monastery or Barbarian Village
Cosmic altar teleport Cosmic altar teleport 39 Yes Zanaris. Requires completion of Lost City
Chaos altar teleport Chaos altar teleport 40 Yes Chaos Tunnels or the Wilderness
Astral altar teleport Astral altar teleport 41 Yes Lunar Isle or for accessing Lunar spells at the astral altar. Requires completion of Lunar Diplomacy
Nature altar teleport Nature altar teleport 42 Yes Karamja.
Law altar teleport Law altar teleport 43 Yes Entrana. User must have no weapons or armour equipped or in their inventory or teleport will not work
Death altar teleport Death altar teleport 44 Yes Requires completion of Mourning's End Part II
Blood altar teleport Blood altar teleport 45 Yes Mutated bloodveld. Requires completion of Legacy of Seergaze
Runecrafting guild teleport Runecrafting guild teleport 15 No Wizards' Tower or the Rune essence mine
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