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Unfinished runite bolts are rune bolts made from a single rune bar before a feather is added. Smithing unfinished runite bolts requires a Smithing level of 88, and for each Rune bar that player smiths they will get 10 unfinished runite bolts and 75 Smithing experience. To create rune bolts, a player must attach feathers to the unfinished bolts. Attaching feathers to each bolt requires a Fletching level of 69, granting 10 Fletching experience per bolt.

At current Grand Exchange prices, making 10 unfinished bolts out of a rune bar will earn the player -1,055 coins (-14.07 coins per experience), without bonus experience.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Elite rune dragon13070Common
Rune dragon12740Common


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