This article is about the dwarf. For the human, see Rupert.
Drain pipe chathead
Rupert the Beard chathead

Rupert the Beard is a friendly yet odd dwarf who speaks in a funny way, quite similar to Sir Tiffy Cashien, "that namby pamby nincompoop". When his good friend Winkin the gnome farmer was captured by Nora T. Hagg, a notorious witch resident nearby Taverley, he went to rescue him but was captured and held in a tower by Princess Miazrqa of Asgarnia, who received a fake reason for the imprisonment from her second cousin twice removed Nora. While snooping in Nora's house, Rupert found a potion which he put into his helmet, unbeknownst that it was a hair growth potion, which explains the length of his beard. During Grim Tales, a lost pendant is retrieved for the princess, who agrees to free Rupert. His armour has a special compartment to store his facial hair in.


  • Rupert's long beard is based upon the Grimm brothers' fairy tale of Rapunzel.
Rupert the beard in tower

Rupert the Beard trapped in the tower.

Rupert's beard

Rupert's long, long beard.

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