Rusty chest detail

The rusty chest is an item found by digging with a spade in the inventory in a spot just north of the Combat Training Camp. When trying to open it, players receive an electric shock and remarks that they may need help opening it. Mod Ryan confirmed on 11 May 2017 that the chest is an Easter egg.[1]

The animation of the treasure map (received from Buried Treasure) when held depicts a map similar to Treasure Trails maps, which points to the location the player should dig for the chest. It is not required to own the map to dig for the chest.

Using the chest on Wizard Rinsit in the Wizards' Tower will prompt the player to ask for help unlocking it, although he needs some time to research it first. After an update on 13 August 2018, players can go back to Wizard Rinsit with the chest and he will unlock it. Searching the chest after this provides players with a magical feather.




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