Sacred Forge
Sacred Forge
Release date 29 September 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Defender of Varrock
Location Camdozaal
Examine A mystic, lava-fueled forge[sic]

The Sacred Forge is a magical forge located in the now destroyed Hall of Camdozaal. It was used to craft powerful arcane items and is perhaps the forge that was used to create the Shield of Arrav. It is activated by the chant Bron Uffon Afgi Bami

According to the novel Betrayal at Falador, the dwarves of the Ice Mountain Dwarven Colony also possess a sacred forge, which was used by Kara-Meir to repair the amulet of King Alvis's wife. This action convinced the dwarves of the Colony to aid Asgarnia during the War of 164, prompting much more openness between Asgarnia and the Dwarven Realm.

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