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The pickaxe is obtained from the Morphic tool (costing 20 Stealing Creation points). It is the 8th pickaxe in the game, the one before it being the Inferno Adze. This pickaxe gives extra experience while mining.

Starting at 100% charge, its charge decreases as experience for using it is given. At 0% charge, it disappears. It can be reverted back to a morphic tool without losing any charge and then changed into any morphic item (this loses no charge).

Combat Stats
Unknown editUnknown edit
Unknown edit? editDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses

Experience Bonus

Ore Regular XP Sacred Clay XP Ores per pickaxe Total XP per pickaxe (extra XP gained is 1/2 of this)
Pure Ess 5 10 Unknown Unknown, Please add
Copper 17.5 35 Unknown 17,500
Tin 17.5 35 Unknown 17,500
Iron 35 70 214 (lvl 66) 14,980
Silver 40 80 Unknown Unknown, Please add
Coal 50 100 150 (lvl 66) 15,000
Sandstone * * Unknown Unknown, Please add
Gold 65 130 Unknown Unknown, Please add
Granite 50, 60, 75 100, 120, 175 Unknown {Depends)on average about 15,000
Mithril 80 160 94 (lvl 66) 15,040
Adamant 95 190 Unknown Unknown, Please add
Runite 125 250 Unknown 8,250
  • When you mine Sandstone or Granite it depends on which amount(1kg, 2kg, 5kg or 10kg for Sandstone and 500g, 2kg or 5kg for Granite.) you mine how much xp you get.

When ores are mined with a Sacred Clay Pickaxe, the experience gained is doubled, with a few exceptions(see below)

  • Daeyalt, Elemental, and 'Perfect' gold ore can be mined but give no experience bonuses.
  • Rubium cannot be mined with the Sacred clay pickaxe.
  • Extra ores gained by wearing the Varrock armour while mining with the Sacred clay pickaxe give no bonus experience.
  • If you get no bonus experience, this does not count as a "use" of the pickaxe - no charge is used up.


  • At one time, the pickaxe had the appearance of a bronze pickaxe when mining. The reason for this was the Sacred Clay pickaxe was the same as a bronze pickaxe, but would yield twice the XP.
  • At one time, you would get no bonus experience when having a Rune pickaxe in your inventory. You would not mine with the Sacred clay pickaxe but with your rune pickaxe.
  • On the day of its release it could not auto mine pure essence, requiring the user to repeatedly click the essence. Now it is able to auto mine pure essence.
  • Also note that as of 13 November it does not have an animation for mining mineral veins.
  • Since December, Jagex has changed its bonus exp, giving in total double exp per ore.
  • The pickaxe also does not have an animation for mining the pile of rocks in the abyss or when mining rune essence.
  • At one time, the pickaxe, along with all morphic/volatile tools, would not degrade with each use, but degrade with each morph. They would have 10 charges.
  • It will work on Gem Rocks.
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