This article is about the reward item purchased with Stealing Creation points for use outside of the minigame. For the platelegs used inside the minigame, see Platelegs (Stealing Creation).

Sacred clay platelegs detail.png

Sacred clay platelegs are obtained during the Stealing Creation minigame. Players can buy it from the Rewards mystic for 28 points. It can then be transformed into melee (rune platelegs bonuses), ranged (green d'hide bonuses) or magic armour (mystic robe bottom bonuses). When transformed into melee armour, it gives 24,450 bonus experience in either Attack, Strength or Defence. It can be recharged at the Stealing Creation shop by paying the Rewards Mystic 20 Stealing Creation points. These platelegs are comparable to rune platelegs in terms of defensive bonuses, but players prefer this because it is much lighter than rune platelegs, and it is easier to get.

Sacred clay platelegs are highly recommended for use in place of rune platelegs in situations with a risk of death, however, most players prefer to use them for the experience bonus. They are also considered a very good alternative to dragon platelegs and barrows armour for those who cannot afford Bandos tassets.

Sacred clay armour is widely held as the most efficient questing armour in the game as it is extremely light (a full rune set can be fully counteracted by boots of lightness and hunter capes).

Alchemy has no effect on sacred clay, and if tried a message says, "Alchemy spells have no effect on sacred clay."

Combat Stats
RequirementsSacred clay equipment set (melee) equipped.png
50 Defence
Attack.png MeleeLegs slot.png
50Tank armour
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour187PvM: 1%PvP: 2.625%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses
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