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Sacred metal fragments were removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
For the fragments used in the Bird and the Beast, see Sacred metal fragments (The Bird and the Beast).
Sacred metal fragments detail

Sacred metal fragments are items dropped in the Battle of Lumbridge world event. 1000 of them can be combined with rare equipment components dropped in the same manner to create cosmetic equipment overrides.

The fragments from The Bird and the Beast and these fragments are separate items and could not be used in place of new ones when creating overrides for current events, nor do they stack with one another. They also could not be used to unlock older overrides from previous events.

During the Battle of Lumbridge, they were obtainable by killing NPC soldiers of the enemy faction and are dropped in quantities of 1 to 20 or by performing skilling actions while silver nodes were present. During the final few days of the Battle of Lumbridge event, there was one mining node right outside of the Saradomin camp that stayed metal permanently. They were used to create the following overrides:

Saradomin symbol Saradominist overrides
Icyenic orbIcyenic orbIcyenic staff
Icyenic bowstaffIcyenic bowstaffIcyenic bow
Icyenic greathammer headIcyenic greathammer headIcyenic greathammer
Zamorak symbol Zamorakian overrides
Infernal orbInfernal orbInfernal staff
Infernal bowstaffInfernal bowstaffInfernal bow
Infernal greathammer headInfernal greathammer headInfernal greathammer

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Saradominist championN/A1–10Common
Saradominist crusaderN/A1–10Common
Saradominist field medicN/A1–10Common
Saradominist gathererN/A1–10Common
Saradominist minelayerN/A1–10Common
Saradominist rangerN/A1–10Common
Saradominist rogueN/A1–10Common
Saradominist sageN/A1–10Common
Saradominist sharpshooterN/A1–10Common
Zamorakian championN/A1–17Common
Zamorakian field medicN/A1–14Common
Zamorakian footsoldierN/A1–20Common
Zamorakian rogueN/A1–10Common
Zamorakian sharpshooterN/A1–10Common
Zamorakian sniperN/A1–14Common
Zamorakian warlock (Battle of Lumbridge)N/A1–12Common
Armadylean ambusher841–200Uncommon
Armadylean battle-mageN/A1–200Uncommon
Armadylean bodyguard701–200Uncommon
Armadylean caravan1001–200Uncommon
Bandosian ambusher841–200Uncommon
Bandosian battle-mageN/A1–200Uncommon
Bandosian bodyguard701–200Uncommon
Bandosian caravan1001–200Uncommon
JMod cloneN/A1–10Uncommon
Saradominist prideleaderN/A1–15Uncommon
Zamorakian butcher demonN/A1–10Uncommon
Zamorakian gathererN/A1–10Uncommon
Zamorakian minelayerN/A1–10Uncommon


  • Until the seventh week of the Battle of Lumbridge, starting Monday 2 September 2013, only up to a maximum of 10 sacred metal fragments were dropped or received from skilling at a time.
  • After a system update, which first introduced Bonds, there was a glitch where one of the divine tear rocks (closest to the Saradomin camp) was active in the form of a sacred metal rock for an indefinite period of time. This meant that players could acquire an unlimited supply of sacred metal fragments as well as mining experience. An in-game update was soon applied to fix this glitch. However, it was discovered and confirmed by numerous Mods that this was in fact not a glitch, but an intentional feature which was originally released too early. So on 30 September, this indefinite rock was intentionally brought back as a final treat.
    • The addition of an inexhaustible sacred metal rock in the last two days of the Battle of Lumbridge provided players with an excellent source of mining experience. As a result, dozens of players at any given time mined away at the rock, each of them being left with many thousands of sacred metal fragments—more than they could have ever needed to complete the six available weapon overrides.[1]


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