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Safalaan chathead
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Safalaan (Wyrd) chathead

Safalaan Hallow is the leader of the Sanguinesti division of The Myreque. He was first mentioned by a member of the Mort Myre Myreque during In Search of the Myreque as the organisation's enigmatic leader working directly under "Calsidiu". As of River of Blood, he, Veliaf Hurtz, Ivan Strom, and the player are the only confirmed Myreque members left alive.

Darkness of Hallowvale

Safalaan is first met during Darkness of Hallowvale, when he is sketching Castle Drakan and requests the player to finish it for him. Just as the new Myreque recruit makes the last sketch, the vampyre Vanstrom Klause, whom the recruit spied on earlier, discovers them and attacks. Before he is about to deliver the final blow, the secretary of Vanescula Drakan, a human named Sarius Guile, saves them and dismisses Vanstrom. She then reveals Vanescula has an interest in Safalaan and passes on information as to where to find a letter which contains information on an abandoned laboratory under Meiyerditch.

During the investigation, the letter written by a former slave in the laboratory, Mauritys Guile - Sarius's father, is found in a fireplace in a Meiyerditchian house which reveals the secret location and key of the laboratory. The player is sent to investigate and finds a book called Haemalchemy - Volume I. The letter, along with the book, is passed on to Safalaan and he sends the recruit to his colleague Veliaf Hurtz to finish the quest.

Legacy of Seergaze

Safalaan Power

Safalaan blasting the vampyres

The player is recruited during Legacy of Seergaze to create the Ivandis flail which can be used to harm vyrewatch. The assembly and search for the components is led by Flaygian Screwte. The player goes back to investigate the laboratory when they discover the bodies of Safalaan, Andiess Juip and Kael Forshaw. They, however, were only trying to pull a prank and scare the player, which they succeeded in doing.

The back door of the laboratory is broken open and the group advance through a large tunnel network with dangerous monsters. Eventually, they discover a number of ancient ruins which turn out to be the Runecrafting altar of blood. At that point, two vyrewatch fly in through a hole in the ceiling and attack the group, killing Andiess in the process. Kael flees and the remaining two are about to be violently slaughtered when Safalaan starts to emit a strange blue light from his body and blasts power onto the vampyres, causing them to retreat. Afterwards, he passes out and is revived in the base, without memory of what had happened. The flail is then completed and the player succeeds in killing a vyrewatch, completing the quest.

The Branches of Darkmeyer

Safalaan leaves

Safalaan attempting to leave the Sanguinesti

Safalaan weakened

Safalaan is severely weakened by the vyres, activating his powers.

After seeing a shadow at night in Burgh de Rott and finding a mysterious medallion in a cave under the town, Veliaf suspects Vanstrom has finally discovered the town and sends the player to Safalaan for advice and to deliver supplies. Safalaan is strangely able to enchant the medallion for it to gain teleport properties. Vanstrom has requested for Safalaan to meet one another, but the player is sent instead, along with Vertida Sefalatis and Mekritus A'hara. Who was suspected to be Vanstrom turns out to be Vanescula, who wishes to aid the Myreque and Safalaan. She gives the player her offer to deliver to Safalaan, who then starts contemplating on it.

In the mean time, the player infiltrates Darkmeyer with the help of Vanescula, where they kill Ranis Drakan and Vanstrom Klause using Blisterwood weapons. Before the fight with Vanstrom, however, he reveals that Safalaan has always been his target, as he is half-icyene and the son of Queen Efaritay herself, which is also the source of his previously unexplained power blast. When the player returns victoriously, Safalaan is gone, however. A cutscene follows, showing Safalaan saying goodbye to Vanescula at the entrance to Meiyerditch and promising to "start when he returns" before sailing off.

The Lord of Vampyrium

Safalaan spent his time at the Icyene graveyard, where he was attempting to learn more of his heritage. The player helps him to remove a vampyric seal and finds his mother's pendant, which seems to fill Safalaan with an understanding of his heritage and more of his powers. He then returns to Burgh De Rott to speak with Veliaf and Vanescula.

Safalaan joins Vanescula's attempt at taking down Lowerniel Drakan, taking on the disguise of "Deathly Hallows" and equipping a blisterwood wand. Unfortunately, Drakan is able to figure out the Myreque are not vampyres but humans in disguise, and puts Safalaan along with the other members of the Myreque behind blood-sealed prisons in the basement of Castle Drakan, which they are able to escape from. Once he escapes, he helps his comrades to their feet, but not without noticing and talking about a mysterious prisoner under an oubliette who Safalaan describes as having "been here so long she might as well be nobody". After a failed teleport escape attempt, the Myreque ascend the castle to attack Drakan, but not without Safalaan entrusting Vanescula Drakan with his mother's pendant.

Vanescula bites Safalaan

Vanescula takes Safalaan's blood.

Safalaan, along with the rest of the Myreque, manage to catch up to Lowerniel Drakan and attack him, being pulled in and out of Vampyrium. The team is ultimately successful in killing Lord Drakan, but not without heavy casualties. The victory is prematurely cut short with Vanescula's betrayal to the Myreque, who then tithes Safalaan, seemingly killing him, and reveals that she plans to use his Icyenic blood as a way to bypass the River Salve. When she leaves, she takes his body with her, and it is later revealed that she turned him into a Wyrd.

In In Memory of the Myreque, a statue is built in his honour. It is revealed by Veliaf that Safalaan was his closest friend, and that while Safalaan may have been older than him, he made so many mistakes it was hard not to view him still being a child. Veliaf admits that now knowing of his heritage, perhaps he really still was a child, at least in icyene terms. Veliaf also notes that Safalaan's most consistent trait was one of faith - not in gods, but in the cause of the Myreque.

River of Blood

After the events of The Lord of Vampyrium, Safalaan was assumed dead. During the quest, Vanescula and her army arrived at the edge of the River Salve. Through strengthening of the Salve with Super Guthix balance the first wave of vampyre juveniles were turned feral when attempting to cross. After the feral vampyres are killed, angering Vanescula, a giant bat-like creature swoops down, revealed to be a Wyrd - a vampyrised icyene. Safalaan's long-lost mother Queen Efaritay appears, to slay and banish the Wyrd.

Efaritay is found mourning in the Icyene graveyard by the player, who interrupts to inform her of their belief that Safalaan was killed by Vanescula. Efaritay exclaims that he would have been immune to her attack should he have been wearing his mother's pendant. This leads to the discovery that Safalaan was voluntarily bitten, and may still be alive, albeit in Wyrd form. Efaritay then encourages the player to further search the Meiyerditch laboratories for possible missed information on haemalchemy, to try and search for Safalaan.

Fighting Safalaan

The player fighting Safalaan as a Wyrd, from atop Castle Drakan.

A book, Blood of the Hybrid, is found in the laboratory, which details how to reverse the vampyrification process. One of the ingredients is the blood of a vampyre who was a human-icyene hybrid. The player finds Safalaan (in wyrd form) in a rejuvenation tank in the basement of Castle Drakan. He poisons the player, whom then makes their way to the roof of Castle Drakan to fight Safalaan. After the fight, Safalaan gives a vial of his blood to the player for them to make the potion cure with. The potion returns Safalaan to his normal self, curing him of his bloodlust, but not of vampyrism due to the potion being made with his own blood.

After strengthening the Salve and meeting Vanescula and her army again, Safalaan appears in wyrd form, initially ordered by Vanescula to attack. Instead, he transforms into human form and convinces Vanescula to make a truce. Post-quest, Safalaan admits his mistakes, exclaiming he was selfish and reckless, losing many friends in the process. He also speaks of his joint leadership of Morytania, alongside Vanescula and Efaritay, and the improvements they have planned for the future.

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  • His vampyre name is a reference to the seventh book in the Harry Potter series.
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