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This is the quick guide for Salt in the Wound.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Salt in the Wound icon
Talk to Kennith in the east of Daemonheim peninsula.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
  • Some food for low-leveled players and possibly additional food to heal companions.
  • Armour and weapon. A long ranged weapon may prove useful.
  • Ring of kinship
Enemies to defeat These enemies can be fought with the playable characters so a high combat level is not required. As well, you do not have to battle the Daemonheim monsters.

Starting off

  • Talk to Kennith in East Daemonheim by using the ring of kinship to teleport to him. (Chat 1)
  • Go west, up the stairs talk to him again.
  • Talk to Ezekial and Eva and tell her you're ready to start. (Chat ~4)

Daemonheim Dungeon

  • Find a blue key in the dungeon and unlock the puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room

  • Choose a hero (preferably the one with the most health).
  • One way to solve the puzzle is:
    • Jump south across the first gap
    • Jump west twice
    • Jump south
    • Jump north, back to the same spot
    • Jump east three times
    • Jump south twice and the puzzle is completed.
  • Inspect the Seeker of Truth and return across the gap.
  • Kennith will then teleport you to the Fishing Platform. (Chat 1)

Fishing Platform

  • Once on the platform talk to Kennith.
  • Talk with Bailey. (Chat 322)
  • Then head east to the fishing spot.
  • Lure the fishing spot and go back to Kennith, the slug will follow you.
  • Talk to Kennith and he will give you a Seeker gland.
  • Combine the ingredients to make the anti-mind control serum.
  • Talk to Kennith, a little to the west. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to the Slug thralls. (Chat 2233)

Slug Citadel

Controlling your characters: Your party members will follow you automatically. If they are attacked, they will fight to the end unless you move them. To make a party member stay, go to a specific point, or perform an action, simply click on the character and click where you want them to go or on what you want them to interact with.

For more information on controlling your party members, click here.

If a party member dies, you will have to restart the room you are currently on.

First Room

  • Place one character behind the Witchaven villager just north of the entrance.
  • Move the other 2 characters and your player up to the metal gate in northeast, killing the Risen knight on the way.
  • Use the character left behind to knock out the Witchaven villager
  • Head south across the bridge with your player.
  • Head to the eastern room and pull the lever.
  • The metal door to the north will now be open; send a character through but don't pull the lever.
  • Pull your player's lever again.
  • Return your player to the others, outside the metal gate, knocking out the villager again to get past the bridge.
  • Use the character in the room to pull the lever.
  • Enter the room with all characters.
  • Pull the lever again
  • Head along the path to the exit, killing any risen knights on the way.

Second Room

  • Send everyone to the north as far as they can go while avoiding the villager.
  • Setup the group as follows;
    • Leave Eva in the central chamber
    • Eastern room: Your player & Kennith
    • Western room: Ezekial
  • Move your player south and pull the lever.
  • Move Kennith into the easternmost room and pull the lever.
  • Have your player pull the southern lever again.
  • Send Ezekial all the way south to pull the lever.
  • Make Kennith pull the lever again and then send him into the southernmost room on his side to pull the lever.
  • Send your player back to the central chamber with Eva.
  • Make Ezekial pull his lever again and then send Kennith back to the central chamber.
  • Make Ezekial pull the lever once more and send him back to the central chamber.
  • Now that your party is regrouped, go to the next room.

Third Room

  • Kill all of the Risen Knights.
  • Send a character to the northeast, another to the southeast, yet another to the southwest, and your player to the northwest. Pull the levers in this order.
  • Send your player to the newly opened gates and 'regroup' all of the characters. Proceed to the next room.

Fourth Room

  • Use your player to investigate the strange device. Put your arm in. (Chat 1)
  • Kill the first wave of knights with Kennith, Ezekial, and Eva. Your player will then investigate the second hole. Kill the second wave of knights. Be careful not to kill the last two knights at the same time when they spawn side-by-side, or a bug will occur that forces you to re-enter the dungeon. See guide below for details.
  • Your player will investigate the third hole. Kill the third wave of knights.
  • Go to the last room.
  • For more information on this room click here.

Fifth Room

Throwing serum

Kennith and Ezekial in position to throw the serum. Note Lucy in the corner.

  • Use Kennith to speak to Brother Maledict.
  • Once the gate is open, knock down the wall in the west room with Ezekial and move Kennith north. Place him as close as possible to Mother Mallum while standing on the western ledge.
  • Take control of Ezekial and knock down the wall to the east and proceed north.
  • Kill the knight and position Ezekial directly opposite Kennith.
  • Take control of Kennith and attack Mother Mallum.
  • You now have control of Eva. Talk to Mayor Hobbs and knock him out, then attack Mallum.
  • Move Eva north of the pillar and topple the pillar.
  • Talk to Lucy. (Chat ~)
  • Leave the Citadel using the cave exit.
  • Quest complete!


Salt in the Wound reward
  • 2 quest points
  • 45,000 Defence experience
  • 17,500 Constitution experience
  • 15,000 Herblore experience
  • 12,500 Summoning experience
  • 5,000 Dungeoneering experience
  • 100 more bound ammunition/runes in Daemonheim (raising the total to 225)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
Music unlocked
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