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Salty crablets can only be found on Uncharted Isles in the Arc region in groups of 6 crablets. Despite being a creature, the crystal deposit on the crablets back acts as a mining resource. Mining the deposit requires level 91 Mining, and yields sea salt, sought after as an ingredient in arc gumbo. The salts may also be sold to Salty Goods in the Waiko market for 4 chimes each.

When a player begins mining a crablet, it becomes "relaxed" and ceases movement until the deposit on its back has been depleted, indicated by a timer. A crablet will remain relaxed for a random amount of time between approximately four minutes and five and a half minutes. These crablets will replenish and respawn when logging out or switching worlds.

Every three game ticks the player has a chance to harvest salt from the crablet's back. At level 99 Mining a player can expect to mine between 16–22 sea salt per crablet without boosts on average; approximately 120,000–130,000 Mining experience per hour.



Crablets concept art

Concept art for the crablets found on uncharted isles.

  • When depleting a salty crablet of its sea salt, a filterable message says "The salt crystals on the nearby crablet have disappeared."
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