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Salty crabletines are young crablets, and despite being a creature, the crystal deposit on their back acts as a mining resource. Mining the deposit requires level 90 Mining, and yields sea salt; an ingredient required in making arc gumbo. Ten salty crabletines can be found on the north-west shore of Cyclosis.

When clicking on a crablet to mine, they will become stationary. Salty crabletines may be mined randomly between 4-5.5 minutes before exhausting the salt crystals on their back. Each crablet has a unique timer, which does not stop even if the player stops mining a crablet, or begins to mine another. The following message is shown when their salt crystals have depleted: "The salt crystals on the nearby crablet have disappeared."

Experience rates

Mining salty crabletines gives approximately 78,000 Mining experience and 705 chimes an hour at level 99 Mining. Using a golden mining suit, magic golem outfit and a pickaxe with the Honed 5 and Furnace 3 perks gives around 108,000 experience and 867 chimes an hour.


Mining boosts such as the Quarrymaster aura, Golem outfits, and Invention Perks do affect the number of salts mined from the crablet; the effects of the Perfect juju mining potion and normal Juju mining potion will not activate from mining the crablet however.