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A sandpit

A Sandpit is a piece of interactive scenery which players can extract sand from, using buckets. The sand extracted is mostly used in glassblowing to train Crafting skill. Sandpits are owned by Sandy Sand Co. and are located in Dorgesh-Kaan, Entrana, Yanille, Rellekka, Zanaris, and Prifddinas.

The sandpits and related NPCs on the map:

Nine buckets of sand can also be obtained from three different piles found in Shilo Village, it takes about one minute for the piles of sand to respawn at this location. Though it is rather quick to get to, because of its respawn rate, it is not one of the best places to go.

Molten glass that can be blown with a glassblowing pipe, and is made by using soda ash and a bucket of sand with a furnace. Buckets of sand can be obtained simply by using an empty bucket with a sandpit. Soda ash can be obtained by burning seaweed on a range or a fire.

A sandpit is marked on the world map by the "Sandpit map icon" icon.

If the player has completed The Hand in the Sand quest then the player can get Bert to deliver 84 buckets of sand directly to the player's bank account daily. This is increased to 120 buckets of sand when the elite Ardougne tasks are completed.

The nearest bank to a sandpit is in Prifddinas (can be seen on minimap), west Zanaris (about 4 minimap lengths) and east Yanille (5 minimap lengths). The bank in north Dorgesh-Kaan is 7 minimap lengths from the sandpit that lies at the southern edge of the city. In Rellekka you may use Fremennik sea boots to deposit items at Peer the Seer. There are no banks in Entrana.

After the Enlightened Journey quest, the player can use the hot air balloon for quick access to Entrana from Castle Wars, where they may fill their buckets with sand from the sandpit, and quickly return to the Castle Wars bank via a Ring of duelling for considerably shorter runs to and from the Entrana sandpit.

There are piles of sand on the Hobgoblin Peninsula and in Shilo Village. Sand can also be obtained from here by using a bucket on it.

In the Enlightened Journey quest the player needs a sandbag. It can be obtained by using a sack with a sandpit.

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