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Sandstone (5kg) is an item that can be mined from sandstone rocks at the Desert Quarry south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert. Desert heat will continually reduce the player's life points while in the quarry. Players are encouraged to bring waterskins, an Enchanted water tiara, or a Tome of frost with them to mitigate the heat.

Sandstone rocks respawn quickly; players can mine continuously at a group of only 3 to 4 rocks. When sandstone is mined, the player randomly receives one of the four sizes of sandstone blocks. If wearing Varrock armours, stones mined by the double mining chance will be the same size.

After most of the quest, Enakhra's Lament, an infinite supply of sandstone (5kg) can be found in the final room of Enakhra's Temple. The source of the sandstone is a pile of rubble that says "Take-rock".


Sandstone (5kg).png Sandstone (5kg)
Mining level Mining 35
Source Sandstone rocks
Experience (per ore)
Mining 50 XP
Equipment 5.9 XP

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