Sandwich lady chathead

The Sandwich lady is a baker of sandwiches and other baked goods found in the Ardougne Marketplace. She runs the Sandwich Lady Bakery, which is the only source of various unique food, such as doughnuts. She is also a former random event, and plays a defendant role in the court case The Sandwich Lady v. The People.

Random Event

As a random event, she appeared and teleported players to her own café.

She would offer you one of the following:

Snack Attack

The Sandwich lady attacking a player.

If the player chose the right item from her tray, they would receive that item and be allowed to teleport back to their previous location, and they would also receive a random event gift. If the player chose the wrong item, the Sandwich lady would yell "Hey, that's not what I offered you! Thief! Thief! Thief!" and would knock the player out and teleport them somewhere else.

Shortly after the Sandwich lady's release, many players complained that they did not know what several of the items were and failed the event, causing them to be teleport to a far-off location. In response, Jagex added a link to a key showing all the items alongside their names. The key link is in the upper left corner of the sandwich tray box.

The Sandwich lady teleported the player to one of these locations if they chose the wrong item on her tray or did not respond to her at all:



  • The sandwich lady, including her appearance and temperament, was based on a lady who used to sell sandwiches at Jagex's office, suddenly interrupting work to sell sandwiches.[1]
  • Originally, a player could be sent to the Wilderness for ignoring the event or making the wrong choice. This was changed to prevent players from losing coins and valuables.
  • She is one of the NPCs who may possibly be contacted by selecting "random" on the NPC Contact spell.
  • She used to appear anywhere to offer players a selection from her tray of sandwiches, instead of teleporting them to her café.
  • A daze effect was added when beaten by the Sandwich lady with a baguette as of 9 November 2009.
  • This was the only random event that gave the player both the mysterious box and something else, but after the box was removed the event was still the only one to give additional items other than the random event gift.
  • It used to be possible for free to play players who ignored her to be teleported to a member's only area, however this was changed after the café update.


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