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Sandy Casket (red) only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Sandy Casket (red) detail

Sandy Casket (red) is a reward for completing a Sandy Clue Scroll trail. It is always received alongside a Sandy Casket.

Red Sandy Caskets can only be opened with an ice cream in the inventory to cool down the lock on the casket. The casket and the ice cream will be consumed upon opening the casket. Six inventory spaces are required to open the casket.


Four to five of the following are rewarded when opening the casket.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Adamant bolts 5Adamant bolts33Unknown3,729
Adamant plateskirt (g)Adamant plateskirt (g)1Unknown4,600
Adamant plateskirt (h4)Adamant plateskirt (h4)1Unknown527,949
Amulet of powerAmulet of power1Unknown6,162
Anti-sun potionAnti-sun potion1UnknownNot sold
Astral runeAstral rune75Unknown31,125
Bandos cloakBandos cloak1Unknown706,555
Bandos mitreBandos mitre1Unknown621,992
Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party)Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party)5Unknown1,350
Black cavalierBlack cavalier1Unknown962,894
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide(noted)Unknown17,410
Black dragonhide bodyBlack dragonhide body1Unknown8,145
Black dragonhide chapsBlack dragonhide chaps1Unknown6,348
Blessed dragonhide coif (Saradomin)Blessed dragonhide coif (Saradomin)1Unknown704,298
Blessed dragonhide vambraces (Zamorak)Blessed dragonhide vambraces (Zamorak)1Unknown680,602
Blood runeBlood rune75Unknown50,850
Blue dragonhide chaps (t)Blue dragonhide chaps (t)1Unknown666,760
Coins 10000Coins20,000Unknown20,000
Coral dagger tokenCoral dagger token1Unknown13,757
Coral sword tokenCoral sword token1Unknown50,632
Dragon ring tokenDragon ring token1Unknown58,006
Guthix mitreGuthix mitre1Unknown588,175
Green dragonhide body (g)Green dragonhide body (g)1Unknown590,416
Hawai'i parasol tokenHawai'i parasol token1Unknown20,443
Hacky sack resting emote tokenHacky sack resting emote token1Unknown197,015
Ice creamIce cream1Unknown2,714
Kauai parasol tokenKauai parasol token1Unknown15,042
Large shellLarge shell1UnknownNot sold
Law runeLaw rune75Unknown42,750
Lemon sourLemon sour1UnknownNot sold
Mahogany plankMahogany plank24 (noted)Unknown31,704
Mystic air staffMystic air staff1Unknown24,179
Mystic earth staffMystic earth staff1Unknown24,346
Mystic fire staffMystic fire staff1Unknown24,235
Mystic water staffMystic water staff1Unknown23,871
Nature runeNature rune75Unknown30,375
Off-hand suitcaseOff-hand suitcase1Unknown605,477
Penguin maskPenguin mask1Unknown666,820
PineappletiniPineappletini1UnknownNot sold
Pink fizzPink fizz1UnknownNot sold
Purple elegant blousePurple elegant blouse1Unknown488,021
Purple elegant shirtPurple elegant shirt1Unknown500,408
Purple elegant skirtPurple elegant skirt1Unknown486,151
Purple LumbridgePurple Lumbridge1UnknownNot sold
Red headbandRed headband1Unknown575,642
Rune 2h swordRune 2h sword1Unknown36,735
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow150Unknown22,650
Rune caneRune cane1Unknown653,641
Rune full helmRune full helm1Unknown20,892
Rune full helm (Zamorak)Rune full helm (Zamorak)1Unknown36,875
Rune helm (h1)Rune helm (h1)1Unknown681,155
Rune helm (h2)Rune helm (h2)1Unknown679,247
Rune helm (h5)Rune helm (h5)1Unknown648,979
Rune kiteshieldRune kiteshield1Unknown30,650
Rune kiteshield (g)Rune kiteshield (g)1Unknown29,820
Rune longswordRune longsword1Unknown17,883
Rune pickaxeRune pickaxe1Unknown22,097
Rune platebodyRune platebody1Unknown37,480
Rune platebody (h2)Rune platebody (h2)1Unknown671,204
Rune platebody (h5)Rune platebody (h5)1Unknown661,561
Rune platelegsRune platelegs1Unknown37,002
Rune platelegs (h2)Rune platelegs (h2)1Unknown659,749
Rune plateskirt (g)Rune plateskirt (g)1Unknown35,828
Rune plateskirt (Saradomin)Rune plateskirt (Saradomin)1Unknown36,762
Rune shield (h2)Rune shield (h2)1Unknown639,371
Rune shield (h4)Rune shield (h4)1Unknown641,092
Sandcastle companion pet tokenSandcastle companion pet token1Unknown42,932
Sheep maskSheep mask1Unknown456,926
Starfish follower pet tokenStarfish follower pet token1Unknown1,977,500
Water balloonWater balloon50UnknownNot sold
Wizard boots (t)Wizard boots (t)1Unknown513,504


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