For the potion flask version, see Sanfew serum flask.
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Sanfew serum detail

Sanfew serum combines the properties of super restore and antipoison potions. Level 65 Herblore and completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters is needed to make this potion. Mixing the potion gives 160 herblore experience.


A complete Sanfew Serum can be used as a weapon against nail beasts, causing significant damage. To use it as a weapon, right-click on the potion and select use, then click on a Nail beast. This should be done if a nail beast is attacking the follower in Temple Trekking.

Players cannot use the Assist System to make this potion.

Notable uses of Sanfew Serum include K'ril Tsutsaroth, Gregorovic and the Dagannoth Kings due to their ability to save space on antipoison potions.

Price per Dose

Item GE price Price per dose
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Sanfew serum (2) Sanfew serum (2) Script error Script error
Sanfew serum (3) Sanfew serum (3) Script error Script error
Sanfew serum (4) Sanfew serum (4) Script error Script error
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Script error Sanfew serum is made by adding, in order, Unicorn horn dust, clean snake weed and Nail beast nails to an already made 3-dose Super restore potion. Partially completed Sanfew Serums are called Mixture - step 1 and Mixture - step 2, but are not drinkable in these forms.

Players therefore need to make sure that the unicorn horn dust is highlighted before clicking each of the vials to avoid accidentally drinking any of the Super restore. Since the intermediate potions are not drinkable, the same danger does not exist once the unicorn horn dust has been added.

Herblore experience is given for each addition of one of the secondary ingredients in this potion.

Unicorn horn dust xp Snake weed xp Nail beast nails xp Total xp
47.5 52.5 60 160


This potion can be made into a Sanfew serum flask by using at least six doses of it with a Potion flask. Players do not need a specific level to turn potions into flasks.

Production costs

The data in this table is based on the Grand Exchange prices of a Super restore (3) (the primary ingredient) and secondary ingredients. It is accurate assuming all items are bought off of the Grand Exchange and the resulting three-dose potion is sold immediately afterward.

Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp
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Snake weed is untradeable, so its value is subjective and has not been included in the calculation.

Prayer restoring potions

Script error If a potion is untradeable the price of the ingredients is used instead. Prayer points needs to be rounded down after using the formulas.

Extra amounts

Item Normal
With Holy wrench
Holy wrench
With Reverence
Reverence aura
With Holy wrench and Reverence
Holy wrench + Reverence aura
Prayer potion (3)
Prayer potion
317 337

Tier 1: 347   Tier 2: 367
Tier 3: 386   Tier 4: 416

Tier 1: 367   Tier 2: 387
Tier 3: 406   Tier 4: 436

Super restore (3)
Super restore
327 347

Tier 1: 357   Tier 2: 377
Tier 3: 396   Tier 4: 426

Tier 1: 377   Tier 2: 397
Tier 3: 416   Tier 4: 446

Sanfew serum (3)
Sanfew serum
Replenishment potion (6)
Replenishment potion
Super prayer
Super prayer
416 436

Tier 1: 446   Tier 2: 466
Tier 3: 485   Tier 4: 515

Tier 1: 466   Tier 2: 486
Tier 3: 505   Tier 4: 535

Prayer renewal (3)
Prayer renewal
545 575

Tier 1: 575   Tier 2: 595
Tier 3: 615   Tier 4: 644

Tier 1: 605   Tier 2: 625
Tier 3: 645   Tier 4: 674

Super prayer renewal potion (6)
Super prayer renewal potion
912 962

Tier 1: 972   Tier 2: 1011
Tier 3: 1051   Tier 4: 1110

Tier 1: 1022   Tier 2: 1061
Tier 3: 1101   Tier 4: 1160

Antipoison protection comparison

  • Prices based on price for (3) dose potions. Expect some variation when buying potions decanted to other dose counts.
Antipoison Price/dose Seconds/dose Price/second
Antipoison (4) Antipoison Script error 86 Script error
Super antipoison (4) Super antipoison Script error 346 Script error
Antipoison+ (4) Antipoison+ Script error 518 Script error
Antipoison++ (4) Antipoison++ Script error 720 Script error
Sanfew serum (4) Sanfew serum Script error 86 Script error


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