Sani Piliu chathead
Sani Piliu (hallucination) chathead

Sani Piliu was one of the female members of the Myreque, and at the time of her death was the only female.[1] When she was nine, her family was slain by a vampyre,[2] and spent time working for other people in order to survive.[3] One day, she bumped into Veliaf Hurtz in the Hair of the Dog tavern and signed up to the Myreque, hoping to avenge her family and escape west of the River Salve.[4] Amongst her skills was the ability to read people's auras, something which is considered strange and shady.[5][6] She dyed her hair blue using crushed pointed blamish blue shells.[7]

She was present at the Myreque's base in the Hollows when an adventurer sought them out to deliver weapons. When Vanstrom Klause attacked, she unfortunately met the same fate as her parents when he killed her and Harold Evans. Later, the adventurer and Veliaf built a memorial statue to her. Her severed head appeared during a hallucination during River of Blood, lamenting how she hadn't expected to survive as long as she did and that she thought she'd be the first to die.

Sani Piliu's death

Sani is murdered by Vanstrom Klause.



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