Sapphire jewellery is created by a player with a Crafting level of at least 20, by using a furnace while a player has a gold bar and sapphire in their inventory, along with the corresponding mould. At current costs, sapphire jewellery costs 1,089 coins to craft and 492 coins to enchant, or 475 coins if using a water elemental staff.

The jewellery is purely cosmetic until it is enchanted using the Magic skill to cast the Enchant Level 1 Jewellery enchantment spell, which may imbue the item with stat bonuses and/or special functions, such as teleportation. The spell requires a Magic level of 7.


Type Crafting Level Unenchanted GE Price Enchanted GE Price Properties
Ring 20 Sapphire ring Sapphire ring 1,181 Ring of recoil Ring of recoil 1,456 Deals some damage to player's opponent
Necklace 22 Sapphire necklace Sapphire necklace 1,715 Games necklace (1) Games necklace 2,148 Teleports the player to certain locations
Bracelet 23 Sapphire bracelet Sapphire bracelet 1,471 Bracelet of clay Bracelet of clay 1,338 Allows the player to mine soft clay directly from clay rocks
Amulet 24 Sapphire amulet Sapphire amulet 1,580 Amulet of magic Amulet of magic 1,684 Player gains magic strength stat bonus

Sapphire amulets are crafted as unstrung amulets, and must be strung with a ball of wool before they can be worn or enchanted. The in-game name of both strung and unstrung versions is simply "sapphire amulet".

Special Types

In the Mobilising Armies minigame, a player may exchange a sapphire ring and 89,600 reward points for a sapphire ring (i), which provides stat bonuses. This ring is not tradeable.

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