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Saradomin brew flask detail

A Saradomin brew flask is a potion flask containing six doses of Saradomin brew. It is created by using Saradomin brew on a potion flask.

Saradomin brew heals 1,000 life points per sip. It can go over your maximum life points by 15%, however, this boost is temporary. It increases your Defence by 4% + 1 while temporarily draining your Strength, Attack, Magic, and Ranged by 4% + 1.

The flask is made by blowing robust glass, requiring 89 Crafting and giving 100 experience. Red sandstone can be mined at Oo'glog and smelted using the robust glass machine also located at Oo'glog.

To decant the potion into the flask, one must have at least 6 doses of Saradomin brew in their inventory, as well as one or more potion flasks. Using the flask on the potion will open a menu to decant them. The optimal inventory setup for decanting potions is 17 4-dose potions and 11 flasks.

Only the original, six-dose potion is tradeable. Once the potion has been partially drunk, no more doses can be added to it. After all six doses have been consumed, the flask will shatter and disappear. Flasks can be combined together, but the empty flasks will still be destroyed afterwards.

This is an efficient healing method, in terms of inventory space, as it heals 6,000 life points in one slot, albeit taking a few seconds to consume.

If the full, 6-dosed version of this potion is consumed, each dose would cost about 3,128.2 coins.


It is universally advised to only use this in combination with restore, super restore, or overload potions in order to counteract the draining of the player's Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged stats. Without using restore potions the Saradomin brew will reduce a player's levels to under level 10 within 5-8 doses, depending on the player's stats. As this effectively defeats the point of using it by quickly rendering players nearly incapable of doing damage, it is generally avoided.

The brew has the third highest amount of healing per inventory slot, behind Super Saradomin brews and a stack of Purple sweets and not including a Calorie bomb (rocktail). While becoming largely useless immediately after the introduction of the Evolution of Combat due to their minuscule healing per dose, they became a staple of high level PvM upon their subsequent buff. They are almost always used at bosses such as Nex: Angel of Death, Beastmaster Durzag, and Yakamaru. As they do not provide large amounts of burst healing, they are generally used as a supplementary heal. Combined with a Rocktail to "rocktail brew", a player can heal 3,300 LP in a single tick by consuming both items in quick succession. Because of their decently expensive price, it is not suggested to use brews during low level PvM activities or most slayer tasks. Brews can also not be used while under the influence of a Berserk blood essence as they will diminish the stat boosting effects.

Comparison with other multi-use/healing over time foods

Name LP Per single use LP Per inventory slot Cost Notes
Saradomin brew flask (6) Saradomin brew flask 1000 6000 18,769
  • Requires the usage of super restores or overloads to counteract the stat draining effects
  • Cannot be used with the Berserk blood essence
Super Saradomin brew flask (6) Super Saradomin brew flask 1300 7800 99,243
  • Requires the usage of super restores or overloads to counteract the stat draining effects
  • Cannot be used with the Berserk blood essence
  • Substantial cost makes these too expensive to use for general pvming
Guthix rest flask (6) Guthix rest flask 500 3000 21,545
  • Cures poison and provides 30 seconds of poison immunity
  • Restores 5% run energy
  • Commonly used alongside a Berserk Blood Essence as doses of Guthix rest do not interfere with the stat boosting effects of the essence
Super Guthix brew flask (6) Super Guthix brew flask 650 3900 16,959
  • Cures poison and provides 30 seconds of poison immunity
  • Restores 5% run energy
  • Gives 15% adrenaline, sharing a cooldown with Adrenaline potions. More Super Guthix brew doses can be drunk for its healing and other effects while the cooldown is active
  • Can be drunk at 100% adrenaline unlike adrenaline potions, once again putting adrenaline potions on cooldown
Great gunkan Great gunkan 1500 2850 2,076
  • Offers an initial heal of 1500 LP and then 150 LP per second for 9 seconds
Juju gumbo Juju gumbo 2250 2750 Must be made via Herblore Habitat activities
  • Offers an initial heal of 2250 LP and then 50 LP per second for 10 seconds
Strawberries (5) Strawberries 594 2970 1,041
  • A full basket contains 5 strawberries
Calorie bomb (rocktail) Calorie bomb (rocktail) 2760 11960 to 5 players Invention Components
  • Only 2760 LP will be given to the player, the remaining LP will be spread amongst up to 5 nearby players
Purple sweets Purple sweets 200 N/A 806
  • A maximum stack of sweets technically offers the most LP of any food item per one inventory slot at 429,496,729,400 LP (just over 400 billion), however the cost and time to eat a sufficient amount of sweets generally does not make these a good source of healing
  • Restores 20% energy per sweet

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Memory of NomadN/A4Common


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