Saradomin vestments equipped

A player wearing Saradomin vestments

The Saradomin vestment set is a group of members-only equipment aligned to the god Saradomin. This set can only be obtained through Treasure Trail rewards.

This set may be placed in a mahogany treasure chest within the costume room of a player-owned house for storage, so the player may own them without it taking up bank space.

Components and bonuses

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Saradomin robe topSaradomin robe top20-004---564,432
Saradomin robe legsSaradomin robe legs20-004---535,302
Saradomin mitreSaradomin mitre [1]404012505---588,370
Saradomin cloakSaradomin cloak40-003---715,682
Saradomin stoleSaradomin stole60-004---665,956
Saradomin crozierSaradomin crozier60-006---640,487
  1. ^ Requires Magic 40 to equip.


Luck enhancers improve the chances of receiving vestment pieces as Treasure Trail rewards.

Item Treasure Trail level Rarity
Saradomin robe top Saradomin robe top Clue scroll (easy) Easy Rare
Saradomin robe legs Saradomin robe legs Clue scroll (easy) Easy Rare
Saradomin mitre Saradomin mitre Clue scroll (medium) Medium Rare
Saradomin cloak Saradomin cloak Clue scroll (medium) Medium Rare
Saradomin crozier Saradomin crozier Clue scroll (hard) Hard Rare
Saradomin stole Saradomin stole Clue scroll (hard) Hard Rare
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