Saradominist crusader
Saradominist crusader 1
Release date 17 December 2016 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC Sliske's Endgame
Location(s) White Knights' Castle
Sells items No
Gender Both
Examine They appear to be training for something.
They appear to be getting ready for something.
They appear to be sparring, probably in preparation for something.
His swords are as sharp as his senses.
Her blade is as sharp as her wits.

Saradominist crusaders are White Knight followers of Saradomin who can be seen training under Padomenes in the White Knights' Castle courtyard after Saradomin returned as part of the teaser for Sliske's Endgame. During the quest, they accompany Saradomin through Sliske's labyrinth.

They occasionally shout Hyah! after Padomenes has shouted his line.

Padomenes training knights

The knights train against each other.