Saradominist soulstone detail

Saradominist soulstone is an item dropped by Commander Zilyana in hard mode that allows the player to preserve their killcount of Commander Zilyana, instead of draining away when players leave the God Wars Dungeon. This allows for players to go straight into the boss room without having to regain the killcount from the minions of that god. In other words, the kills of the hard mode version of Commander Zilyana count towards 40 souls required to again open Commander Zilyana's door. The normal version of Commander Zilyana also counts toward the 40 souls required, but five normal Commander Zilyana kills are required for one charge.

Charges in the soulstone will be used and lost upon opening Commander Zilyana's door. Kills gained from Saradominist minions are used before those in the soulstone.

Saradominist soulstone can be combined together with Armadylean soulstone, Bandosian soulstone, and Zamorakian soulstone into the Omni soulstone.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Commander Zilyana5961Uncommon
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