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Sarah is one of the persons involved in the Meeting History quest. A player may visit her in the past when the quest is started or completed.

Past A

Baby Sarah is a baby that players need to help in the Meeting History quest. Her parents are Roger and Laura, while her brother is Jack.

In this past, Baby Sarah had a mysterious illness which made her cry all the time. After being given a bowl of milk, honey and guam, Baby Sarah is able to sleep soundly.

Past B

In the "Past B", a grown-up Sarah states that she had a cough for her whole life, and that she requires a remedy drink of ground guam, honey, and milk to fix it. She also seems unhappy for some reason. When examined, it states that she is "A young nice lady."

After completing the Meeting History quest, you can speak to Sarah and you'll find out that she is engaged to be married (she seems quite happy for this) to an explorer named Max.

Sarah is also the creator of Herblore. The idea to call her new practice Herblore came from the player, which created a paradox as there is nobody who originally came up with the idea of calling it Herblore.




  • Before the player cures Baby Sarah, adult Sarah coughs while mentioning her condition, but talks normally when the player asks about trees.
  • After the quest, Sarah starts learning about the uses of herbs and decides to call this Herblore after the player suggests so. Note: Herblore used to be called "Herblaw" (and still is in RuneScape Classic), so this quest seems to ignore that part of history.
  • If visiting past B after the quest the player assists her in deciding the name for Herblore, after the name is decided the character asks for it to be named [character name]lore.
  • Baby Sarah was the first (human) baby in RuneScape.