Saro chathead

Saro is a dwarf that lives on the wealthy west side of Keldagrim, the bustling dwarven capital city. Saro is a blacksmith that owns a small armoury.


Saro is the owner of Quality Armour Shop, a small smithy that sells basic metal equipment such as kiteshields and medium helmets. As smithing is one of Keldagrim's most important markets, stores such as his are important to the dwarves. This does, however, mean that he must always maintain high quality, as competition is fierce.

In Saro's shops are two fixtures; an anvil and a sink. If the player tries to collect water from the sink, he will stop them. Players are, however, allowed to use his anvil, which is very close to Keldagrim's bank. This makes Saro's shop an effective place to smith.

Saro can also give out Minitasks, usually requesting items such as basic smithable armour.

With the release of Rise of the Six, Saro now sells Reinforcing plates, which are used to create Malevolent Armour.


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