Sarsaparilla chathead
Sarsaparrila chathead (Gagged)

Sarsaparilla is a fifteen-year-old girl involved in the Carnillean Rising quest. Her dream is to become an actress, although her parents want her to get married. She was invited by Sir Ceril and Lady Henryeta to stay at their mansion, although her family did not know it was a secret way to help their son Philipe get involved with girls. This failed, however. She later plays the damsel in distress (the distress being two wolf cubs disguised as dragons) in Philipe's quest.


Philippe and Sarsaparilla art

Concept art of Philippe and Sarsaparilla.

  • Using a feather or any variation of abyssal whip on her while she is tied up will yield the message "RuneScape isn't that sort of fantasy game."
  • Sarsparilla is the name of a soft drink and can also refer to several plants used to make the drink from, which is similar to and is now known in some places as root beer.
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Sarsaparilla introduces herself

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