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Satchels are dropped by monsters created during the Creature Creation minigame. The creatures created drop different satchels. Satchels are worn in the shield slot, give no combat bonuses, and enhance the beckon emote. They each heal a total of 1449 life points when full, nearly equivalent to a monkfish. It takes multiple bites to consume the food, but it is much cheaper.

Known satchels are:

It is possible to store 3 food items in a satchel:


  • In the Mort Myre Swamp, any food stored in the Satchel can still be rotted by ghasts if the player doesn't have a sickle and druid pouches.
  • Satchels do not stack, even in banks, because the information regarding the contents is stored on the item, rather than the player; this was the first item released that functioned this way.
  • While they could be traded for a short time after the quest was released, with the introduction of the Grand Exchange, Satchels became untradeable.
  • A full Satchel heals 1449 life points (banana+triangle sandwich = 450 life points, 1 Cake; 333 x 3 = 999; 450 + 999 = 1449 life points healed per full Satchel). This makes it not only an efficient way to store food, but also better than the Cornucopia (only disadvantage is that cannot be eaten in 1 bite and must be transacted).
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