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Sawdust appears at a player's feet after asking the Sawmill operator to convert logs into planks. It currently has no use.

It became available a few months after the construction skill came out in May 2006, when a player asked the sawmill operator in the Postbag from the Hedge 9 how he explained the loss of weight when making planks. The operator said it was caused by the sawdust, created when making said planks, going on to say "I've got to pay to have all that sawdust disposed of: it's not cheap, but I can't just leave it lying around, can I? Or can I?"

When the operator was wandering around freely, south of the Lumber Yard, there were many spawns of sawdust. Now though, there is only one, as the sawmill operator now works in a shed, in the Lumber Yard itself.

Much like the tile, the sawdust has boggled the mind of many players since its release. It has been questioned numerously as to what purpose the item serves, and why it couldn't simply be part of the scenery of the Lumber Yard.


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  • Until an update in November 2009, Sawdust was available for uninformed free players to buy from the Grand Exchange. The item was also tradeable between free players and was being sold as a 'discontinued item'.
  • Sawdust is now correctly set as a members’ item due to updates on 9 November 2009.
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