Scabaras research detail

Scabaras research is an item used in Dealing with Scabaras. It is given to the player by Lead archaeologist Abigail, and the player must fill it with Scabarite notes before returning it to her.

When read, the subtitle is My Notes. Before adding a Scabaras note, it will have the entry: 'I have no notes yet.'

It can be found in the bookcase of a Player-owned house listed under "My Notes" with a subtitle: "Dealing With Scabaras". There is another book in the bookcase with the title "My Notes" pertaining to 'Discoveries from the ancient cavern beneath the lake.' 

The Scabaras research book has 24 pages and it is full when the player has found all 19 notes. Pages 1, 18 and 24 are blank. The notes can be found by killing Scabarite creatures. Two of the notes are exclusively found in the Scabarite hive within treasure chests. Lead archaeologist Abigail will reward you with 10,000 coins if you return the completed book to her, or talk to her even if the completed book is in your bookcase.

Completing the book is one of the requirements for the master quest cape and trimmed completionist cape.



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