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This article is about an item used in Farming. For the weapon used by Bandos in the world event The Bird and the Beast, see Scarecrow (weapon).

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A scarecrow can be made by members with level 23 Farming. Each scarecrow made grants 25 experience. The scarecrow is placed in the flower patch as protection for sweetcorn planted in the nearby allotments. The scarecrow is used to complete one of the medium Falador Tasks. Up to 5 scarecrows can be stored in a tool leprechaun at once unlike the other supplies that allow you to store 255 of the items. 


It is constructed by using an empty sack on a hay bale or a haystack to make a hay sack. You must be able to interact with the hay bale for it to work. The haybales at Falador Farm do not work. A bronze spear is then used on the hay sack, and finally the spear with a watermelon.

With the scarecrow in the inventory, it is used on the flower patch to place it. Note that weeds will grow up around the scarecrow, which does not affect the scarecrow's ability to protect sweetcorn from disease. To remove, a spade is used on the flower patch, which returns the scarecrow to the inventory, alternatively use the right-click 'Clear' option.

Using the right-click 'Clear' option does not return the scarecrow to your inventory.


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  • Attempting to use a non-bronze spear on the sack gives the message, "Waste this spear on a scarecrow? I think not - maybe I should find a bronze spear instead."
  • If you check the protection costs in the farming guide it used to say "Unsurprisingly, scarecrows don't need protection." Now it just shows what items are needed to create one.