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This article is about the monster. For the Scopulus from the Tuska world event, see Scopulus (NPC).
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Scopuli are minions summoned by Vorago during phase three of the "Scopulus" rotation. While they are alive, Vorago cannot be attacked. Two scopuli spawn towards the south of the room somewhat apart from each other, but the closer they get to each other, the higher the accuracy and damage of their attacks become. Like Vorago, Scopuli have a shattering melee attack, hitting anyone within 1 square of their target.

When one of them dies, the remaining Scopulus will become enraged, recovering 15,000 life points and maximising the damage and accuracy modifiers of its attacks. In addition, its attack speed increases to 9 (one tick between attacks) and its area effect is increased to affect anyone within 2 squares of its target.

When all the scopuli are dead, phase three (or four) will end immediately.

On hard mode, a third Scopulus will spawn towards the north during phase four. They draw power from the next Scopulus in an anti-clockwise order from their spawn points. If a Scopulus dies, it enrages the next Scopulus in that order, causing him to heal and roar. However, the Scopulus that was drawing power from the dead Scopulus is the one that will have its attack proprieties increased.

For example, if the northern Scopulus dies, he will enrage the south western Scopulus, causing him to heal and roar. The south eastern Scopulus, who was linked to the northern Scopulus, will have its attacks improved.


Scopuli were first sighted on 24 June 2013. They were spawned in Grand Exchange, Falador, and the entrance to the mysterious cave by Mod Chris L, the developer of Vorago, and Mod Pi.

After being spawned, they would walk towards the cave and enter it. When spawned near the cave itself, they also occasionally wandered around for a bit, and when multiple Scopuli appeared at the same time, they had shouting matches with each other before one of them fell over and died.


  • Scopuli were tied with Bardur for previously having the most life points out of any attackable non-boss monster in RuneScape. Both were succeeded by Beastmaster Durzag's pets: Tuz, Krar, and Cormes.
  • Scopulus means crag or cliff in Latin.
  • The Scopuli had 120,000 life points before the purple bomb rotation was released. They also had a base max hit of 1,000 and did not heal upon enrage.