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This article is about the clan camp npc. For the goblin, see Goblin scribe.

Scribe chathead

Amos Twinly the Scribe is an NPC at the Clan Camp.

You have to talk to him to start your clan. He will then give you a scroll which you need to use on other people to invite them to your clan. You need to have at least four other people to start your clan by going back to him and telling him you have a full list. You can then enter your clan name, and your clan is created.

Scribe's flag

The Scribe's flag.

After you start your clan the scribe gives out vexilla to clan members for them to plant in the ground to show off the clan they are in.

If you ask the Captain of the Guard about clans, he will send you to the Scribe. The Scribe gives you all the information you need about clans. Except information about Rated Clan Wars, the Sergeant-at-Arms will help you with that.

As of 16 May 2011, clan owners can speak to the scribe to change the name of their clan. They can only do this once every 28 days, however.

Scribe's camp

The Scribe's camp.