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Activating scrimshaw

A player activating a scrimshaw

A scrimshaw is an item that is equipped in the pocket slot. Most of them can be created at the scrimshaw crafter in the workshop of a player-owned port with the Fletching skill. They impart a range of benefits, many of which are geared towards increasing level gain during high-levelled training.[1] All scrimshaw have both a tradeable and an untradeable (superior) version, with the superior one being better than its tradeable counterpart.

They can be activated and deactivated while worn: tradeable scrimshaw last for shorter amount of activation time, while superior scrimshaws last for 4 hours, after which they will vanish. Logging out, or switching worlds will cause the scrimshaw to deactivate. When the scrimshaw runs out of time, this message appears in the chat window (unless Game Messages is turned off):
Your scrimshaw has run out of charge and disintegrates[sic]

Partially used scrimshaws can be used on each other to combine the remaining time back equal to a newly made scrimshaw.

High-level fletchers can make scrimshaw starting at level 85, up to level 95 for the higher tier scrimshaw. Temporary skill boosts do not work. Scrimshaw can be only made at the player-owned port, in a refitted workshop or a workshop of a higher tier. Each scrimshaw requires between 2 and 10 ancient bones to make, and gives 4,000 Fletching experience. The experience bonus of the workshop applies to making scrimshaw.

The Voyage Gift of Gu may give a random superior player-owned port scrimshaw with only 50% charges.

Special scrimshaws are obtained as rewards from other sources like promotions, motherlode maw and giant mimic.

Player-owned port scrimshaws

Image Tradeable version (3 hours) Fletching
GE price Ancient bones Untradeable version (4 hours) Examine & Effect (Superior effect)
Log-splitting scrimshaw Log-splitting scrimshaw 85 698,428 4 Superior log-splitting scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to split a log as you chop it, earning additional Woodcutting experience and not collecting the log.
Rock-crushing scrimshaw Rock-crushing scrimshaw 85 794,370 4 Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to crush ore as you mine it, earning additional Mining experience and not collecting the ore.
Whopper-baiting scrimshaw Whopper-baiting scrimshaw 85 802,938 4 Superior whopper-baiting scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to bait a whopper fish, gaining additional Fishing experience even though you won't land it.
Memory-crushing scrimshaw Memory-crushing scrimshaw 85 682,915 4 Superior memory-crushing scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to instantly convert memories as you obtain them, gaining Divination experience.
Tree-shaking scrimshaw Tree-shaking scrimshaw 90 338,378 2 Superior tree-shaking scrimshaw Increases the drop rate of bird nests by 300% (400%).
Gem-finding scrimshaw Gem-finding scrimshaw 90 339,699 2 Superior gem-finding scrimshaw Successful mining swings have a chance of finding diamond, dragonstone or onyx gems. Higher-level rocks provide better chances.
Casket-salvaging scrimshaw Casket-salvaging scrimshaw 90 341,824 2 Superior casket-salvaging scrimshaw Successful fishing catches have a chance of finding various caskets. Higher-level fishing provides better chances.
Energy-gathering scrimshaw Energy-gathering scrimshaw 90 461,184 2 Superior energy-gathering scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to gather double the energy received when gathering memories.
Scrimshaw of vampyrism Scrimshaw of vampyrism 92 3,211,627 10 Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism For every successful melee attack, this scrimshaw absorbs a small (moderate) amount of the enemy's health, giving it to the scrimshaw bearer.

[5% (6.66%) lifesteal from melee attacks]

Scrimshaw of the elements Scrimshaw of the elements 92 3,198,362 10 Superior scrimshaw of the elements Every magic attack hits with a small (moderate) amount of elemental damage.

[5% (6.66%) increased magic damage]

Scrimshaw of cruelty Scrimshaw of cruelty 92 3,137,234 10 Superior scrimshaw of cruelty Ranged attacks deal increased damage.

[5% (6.66%) increased ranged damage]

Scrimshaw of ranging Scrimshaw of ranging 95 1,779,369 10 Superior scrimshaw of ranging Adds 2% (4%) to ranged accuracy.
Scrimshaw of magic Scrimshaw of magic 95 1,728,577 10 Superior scrimshaw of magic Adds 2% (4%) to magic accuracy.
Scrimshaw of attack Scrimshaw of attack 95 1,167,056 10 Superior scrimshaw of attack Adds 2% (4%) to melee accuracy.

Special scrimshaws

Image Tradeable version (1 hour) GE price Untradeable upgraded version (4 hours) Fletching
Level required to upgrade
Upgrade cost Examine & Effect (Superior effect)
Scrimshaw of sacrifice Scrimshaw of sacrifice (inactive) 1,037,597 Superior scrimshaw of sacrifice 95 10 Ancient bones A scrimshaw twisted with corrupt power, when worn you will receive no drops but will receive more Combat and Slayer XP. Lasts 1 hour. (Lasts 4 hours).
Scrimshaw of aggression Scrimshaw of aggression (inactive) 163,828 Superior scrimshaw of aggression 95 10 Ancient bones A scrimshaw twisted with corrupt power, when worn these compel most enemies to become aggressive towards you. Lasts 1 hour. (Lasts 4 hours).
Scrimshaw of corruption Scrimshaw of corruption (inactive) 1,116,092 Superior scrimshaw of corruption 95 10 Ancient bones A scrimshaw twisted with corrupt power, when worn these compel most enemies to become aggressive towards you and you will receive no drops but will receive more Combat and Slayer XP. Lasts 1 hour. (Lasts 4 hours).


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