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The scroll of life requires a Farming level of 25 and a Dungeoneering level of 25 to use. Once used, the scroll will disappear, giving the player the following permanent effect: when harvesting non-tree non-flower patches (including dead ones), the player will have a 10% chance of receiving seeds back.

There is also a 5% chance of getting a seed back from a dead tree or stump. Seeds returned from dead herb patches will be random, but seeds returned from a live herb patch will be the same type as the herb being harvested. The amount of seeds returned can be up to equal the amount of seeds used for the patch (an Allotment patch would recover up to 3 seeds).

The scroll of life works on all patches within the Herblore Habitat and on Harmony Pillars. Special patches, however, (including Spirit trees and Calquat trees) do not give replacement seeds. Following an update on 23 June 2014 a chatbox message was introduced to notify players when they had received a seed back from their scroll of life: Your Scroll of Life saves you a seed!

If players pay a farmer to dig up a tree for them, they still have the chance to get their seed returned, despite the game guide saying that it is impossible. Upon receiving a seed back after having a farmer dig up the tree, players will receive the message: "As the farmer chops the tree down, you spot a seed in the leftovers." Paying farmers to look after crops does not affect the chances of receiving seeds.

When read, the player will be given the message "The secret is yours! You read the scroll and unlock the long lost technique of regaining seeds from dead farming patches."

Although it is a members-only item, the scroll of life still benefits farming when the player is free to play.

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  • Players cannot purchase another scroll of life after having read one and unlocked the ability, and will not have any tokens deducted for an attempted second purchase. However, multiple scrolls may be bought as long as the ability hasn't been unlocked.
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