Scroll of renewal detail

The Scroll of renewal requires a Prayer level of 65 and a Dungeoneering level of 65. Once used, this scroll will disappear, giving you the following permanent effect: you will gain the ability to use the Rapid Renewal prayer, which restores life points at 5 times the normal restore rate. It can be bought for 38,000 tokens at the Dungeoneering rewards shop. Obtaining this prayer is one of the requirements for obtaining the Completionist Cape.

When reading the scroll, you are given the message, "The secret is yours! You read the scroll and unlock the ability to use the Rapid Renewal prayer."


  • The Scroll of Renewal used to cost 130,000 Dungeoneering Tokens before the 21 April 2010 update, which reduced its price to 107,000 tokens. It was lowered again to 38,000 tokens following the release of the Daemonheim Tasks on 10 September 2013. However, players who had previously purchased the scroll were not reimbursed tokens. This was intentional due to its decreased effectiveness in the Evolution of Combat, as Mod Maz stated in the task set FAQ.
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