Sculpting chisel (Guthix) detail

Sculpting chisels are obtainable from Copernicus Glyph after building the same statue in the same location in the God Statues Distraction and Diversion for a total of four months at any time. There are five different chisels - one for each god - each unlocked individually dependant on the specific statue built:

Bandos chiselGraardor
Guthix chiselJuna
Saradomin chiselZilyana
Zamorak chiselKril Tsutsaroth
Seren chiselQueen Glarial

The difference between the chisels is in appearance only. When wielding any chisel, they give you a construction boost of +1 as well as a 1% bonus on any construction experience gained which stacks additively with the construction outfit and multiplicatively with bonus experience. With the release of Invention and the Wise perk, it can be preferable to wield an augmented item instead for higher experience gain.

With the exception of the use of D&D monthly tokens and/or God Statues tokens, the items take at least 4 months to obtain.

Unlike the crystal saw, which only applies its boost when building items requiring a saw, the sculpting chisel will give its boost for all items. For example, at level 94 construction, a crystal saw will not allow one to build a steel dragon, but a sculpting chisel will. The chisel cannot stack with the crystal saw made from a tool seed, as both cannot be equipped at once.


  • You cannot attack while wielding the chisel. However, when looking at the combat stats through the Gear interface loadout, the chisel is said to have a Crushing style of attack.
  • When trying to bring a sculpting chisel (of any type) in the Soul Wars team area, you will get the message: You cannot take god chisels into the arena.
  • It is possible to own 1 of each type of chisel. Asking Copernicus to claim one after you have all 5 chisels, will cause him to tell you to check your bank and inventory for one.
  • When building god statues, the player would be working with a Saradomin chisel, regardless of location, even if they don't own one. Copernicus himself uses a grey chisel.
  • The Seren chisel was added on 22 September 2014 but was not technically obtainable until late 2014 after the second update to Prifddinas, which added the god statue. It wasn't actually possible to obtain until December of 2014, as this was the earliest time at which a 4th statue could have been built (with the use of D&D tokens).
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